Has the portal reopened by my own hand?


Now that I have calmed down, I still can’t figure what spewed that nonsensical mess my I was not touching the tablet , the touch screen keyboard is gray…when touched bright blue…the letters were lighting up at a mad pace…the only thing I tried to do was delete it would delet a letter or two and take off again….has this happened to anyone out there or am I trying to be stopped….I don’t know….I have been warned about the things I do….but this is the only time I feel out of control of or situation…. I think I’ll let this settle and hope Dale…isn’t someone I inadvertently brought in without such good intentionswqwyqyqwwptqqwywqqywywpqqyquqwuwqweqqqeeq

It happened again…..help


4 responses to “Has the portal reopened by my own hand?

    • I have not, everything has been OK until the last few days…I think trying to contact and getting results kicked things up,,I’ve been looking for a reputable physical medium for 2 years I feel I need to know who and what before I send them away… the loss of control of the computer really freaked me out….I have never heard of that. I don’t know if there are any shamons left here….our county is cuyahoga…an Indian word, but have read history about the area and no distress in that area…will let you know what happens …thanks for your prompt reply….Becca


      • Definitely keep me posted and good luck. There are still quite a few Shamans out there and the Native American cleansing ritual seems to be one of the most effective at clearing any negative energies/entities from a location. If we can be of any help my contact info is on our site at http://www.caspirparanormal.com so don’t hesitate to message or call me. Good luck and take care! – Frank


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