A wonderful expression of life as we live it



Was it at fertilization?

Or when the

Multicellular embryo

Had its own genesis and

The foetus formed?

Or maybe that

First heartbeat?

Limbs do not count

Or was it at the very

Moment of birth

Or the first breath

The first cry

The first sensation

The first thought?

I believe not

My first memory

The day I captured ‘thought’

Made me whole

Made me alive

Marked my existence

There, I got there

In the end

Should my memory of things

Takes of its leave

Before my heart stops beating

Then I shall be dead

Before my time

My eyes the gateway to


The void already crossed

Pulse or no pulse

The dwindling throb of

Flesh and bone

That entity that remains

Animate yet

Could never awaken

Would not be me

Would not be alive

Treat it thus

As carrion

Should you so desire

Prod it

Poke it

Bury it

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