A night time visitor….my first physical encounter

skull roseThere are many ways people try to contact te ded and many reasons.  . my reason I just want to know what I’m dealing with….for those of you that may not know this,  our century home was not built on this land….it was moved here.  By who..don’t know…from where…don’t know…..why don’t know.  What does this have to do with anything?  It’s intriguing.   The town archives bld.  Is literally less than a mile from here,  why have I not gone….I could in probably in a couple hours know,  chain of title…its previous location  etc.  The reason I haven’t…..I want my own facts…names ….etc. and see what matches up.  This event happened while I was “offline”.   

After a day signs the house was active for us its frequent familiar  noises,  such as something falling over,  it didn’t ….Moose eye scanning and growling in different parts of the house…… that tickle in your stomach that says you’re not alone.   The day passed,  my husband went to bed,  I followed a few hours later,  I quietly slipped into bed ,  I sleep on my right side…my husband his left back to back….romantic huh?   Hey comfort first.  Anyway I had just got comfortable when …..woosh!!  Some one forcefully blew in my ear ….enough to blow my hair up.  I froze ,  looked over my shoulder at my husbands back he was out like a light ….we have a king so there is quite a bit of space between us…I kept thinking about it,  the air had no temperature to it or

that warm moist feeling,  it wasn’t cold…just quick and forceful….I think that was the first time I was

genuinely spooked.  Contact ?  definitely we have no ceiling fan, the ac wasn’t on ,  window closed

Thinking back….great experience…..at the time …not so much.


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