Icy touch…full body violation…never to be forgotten

angry spiritA regular day….don’t remember what day ….it was during my down time..I have had a lot of experiences in our home for regular readers you know most of them….some believe you can suddenly feel an unexplained sharp pain and it is possibly caused by a spirit…..we all experience sudden unexplained pain at one time or another but come on I am not on board with that one.  I had an experience once where I was walking in the kitchen in my socks and… bang the bottom of my foot was hit from under the floor…which is the basement. I felt it …it wasn’t painful  but just like it sounded it seemed like some one wacked the wood floor under my foot,  did I freak out?….I was startled…did I check the basement… no.   We don’t have copper plumbing,  we have what is called shark bite why its called that I have no idea but it is more like a pliable hose made of some kind of rubber metal mesh,   looks like a hose but approved for home plumbing and a hell of a lot cheaper easier to work with etc….that was your plumbing tip for the day.  Anyway felt it hit my foot and heard it.

Things must be escalating…. if you read my last post something forcefully blew in my ear enough to flip my hair while trying to fall asleep. i was awake my husband laying with his back to me…dogs not there..and that would be a stretch.

Back to the “incident”…I was dead asleep…no pun intended a bomb could go off and I wouldn’t here it once I’m out…I know it was about 4:20 a.m. I checked after,  anyway I was woken abruptly by a bone chilling cold like 20 degrees cold I felt cold needle like things going through my body …I covered myself up to my neck and it was like an independent cold with a mind of its own the blanket did nothing……then it stopped.  I sat up our heating unit said 71… the room was not cold…the blankets,  comforter,  not cold,  I was fine it was like a bed of ice needles was pressed through my body…it couldn’t be over fast enough…was this a spirit touch…or worse…it hasnt happened again but it shook me up enough to still be up when my husbands alarm went off at 5:15…has this happened to anyone else,  you always here about cold spots etc. but this was penetrating icy hell.


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