Wake up call…..

Here I am at 4 a.m…..downstairs on the couch.  I went up to bed about an hour ago and tried to go to sleep,  sometimes I count backwards from 100 to distract my thoughts Ambassador+-+door+seal

Which I was .

doing tonight.  I got to about 60 something and once again I heard and felt the suction of our front door close…. this is probably the 3rd or 4th time this has happened.. but  even though it was always closed and locked before….how do you ignore the sound of the “safety barrier”  to the outside world in the middle of the night.   Our front door has weather stripping so when it opens or closes it makes that suction sound and obvious jolt when its closed  that you can feel.  I am always the one who hears and feels it I don’t particularly want to go downstairs and look,  but I’m not going to wake my husband who has to get up for work to go check….so here I am…my husband will be up in an hour I may as well stay up….thanks for listening


8 responses to “Wake up call…..

  1. Hi Sweetie, Looks like so much has happened to both of us the last 2 months. I’m so sorry you are experiencing all of this. Mine escalated .also to the point of my trying to deal with it alone was not good. Beyond blogging, are you also reaching out to sources for help? I had searched for a long time to find someone with enough knowledge & experience to handle my situation. My apt not only was filled with demons I could see 24/7 (even when I closed my eyes) trying to create fear in me, along with some creepy magnifications, but my apt. building is full of dark entities. I had my apt. cleansed by pro’s who also closed portals, but being their all over the building, more would come. I’m not able to move at this time, or that would’ve been my 1st choice of action. If you aren’t working with someone, I’m happy to mention you & see what guidance she’ll offer. My hope is she would be able to help you more than that. I also have a few tools I’ve learned to not freak out & feel empowered. With my poor typing, it’s too much to just share unless you’re interested. I’ll keep an eye on my email to know when you’re back here. With Reiki, I’m sending you Love & Light to surround you.


      • Hey there, I appreciate all your comments …you don’t have to answer this but do I recall you saying you live in Ohio….I could be mistaken…. you are dealing with a lot and found help….how did you find them? Thanks becca

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      • Hi Sweetie, so glad to hear from you. I’m in Minnesota, but I’ve found help through someone who asked a friend for a favor. She has 30+ yrs of experience cleansing private homes, commercial buildings & land. I just went through her fb page to see if she mentions anything but she hasn’t. She did ask me for a statement of my experience with her, to post on her new web page she’s creating right now, so she must still be working with her gifts. She works with ArchAngel Michael & other AA’s. I have personally experienced the times they’ve been here with me. If you’d like, I’ll mention I know of someone interested in her service.


  2. I have been trying to find a physical medium for about a year…I don’t need investigators I all ready know we are active -…calling out for any physical mediums in northeast Ohio…thanks for your thoughts


    • Hi.she may know of someone in Ohio , before I have the house cleansed I would like to know what’s here and the type of energy.hence the physical medium…I don’t think it is negative…. but they can appear as they please….during a flashlight session , I asked specifically if they wanted to leave I said turn the light on for yes…it didn’t turn on I then asked if they wanted to stay please turn the flashlight on it came on. I want to know what there relation is to this house or land, you may have read this house was built in 1900 somewhere else…still unknown and moved here in the 1980s…I have yet seemed that information out from city archives, this is a 3000 sq. Ft. Colonial….set up kind of funky, our living room is 30 ft long it has this freaky octagonal shape spiral stairway to the basement… the basement is not creepy but it also is not original there was a new basement and foundation dug when the house was moved.

      Thanks for all your help…if she does know of someone feel free to give her my info


      • I’ll ask today yet. I have worked with too Spiritual Healers that have done amazing things for me. The one I mentioned did all her work with me remotely. She will tell you 1st, if that’s what you want. Then will do any cleansing you want done with Arch Angel Michael. Everything is done with Divine Love. Any earth bound spirits will be counseled & when they make the decision to, they’ll be brought to the light. While I watch for your response, I will ask her though.


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