Paranormal premonition….signs our home is going “active” Text message from nowhere

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Every home  is different,    in homes with activity there is usually signs….in our home if I am in tune…….there is an abnormal quietness the only way I can explain it is if you are sitting around and there is a neighborhood power outage,  every noise is absent…a palpable quiet….you can feel it in your gut.   Our house is that way,  I had that feeling a day or two before the front door incident.

During these periods there are minor things I don’t blog about some of these things are pretty consistant….whistling,  which I usually whistle back….odd audible vocalizations a high low voice not a word just a vocal pattern….sounds of things falling,  I don’t even go look anymore and today knocking at the front door,  I was on the sectional in the corner where i can lean and see out the window on the porch ….the dogs were on the sectional barking out the window of course there was no one there.  i am up late again tonight again.

our electronics have been getting screwed with pretty bad as I have mentioned but today really went beyond comprehension …we live in the cleveland -akron area and I have been texting my husband about our Ebola breach in protocol with an infected nurse flying in and out of the cleveland airport…God help us all on this potential catastrophy,   anyway my husband called me I couldn’t get to the phone,  when I could my phone was open to text…showed no missed call…yet my phone showed I texted him ” I couldn’t talk right now.” Now I know you can auto text different messages if you don’t want to pick up but this was not the case,  if I don’t answer my phone goes to voicemail, I never even use that feature,  I called him back and told him what happened…I was 2 rooms away in the kitchen.  Interference is one thing but answering my phone is another….I don’t have any explaination for this I guess I need to chaulk it up to another unexplained event.

I wonder whats planned for tomorrow….the spiritual intelligence factor seems to be advancing rapidly…I sometimes wonder if me being a stay at home wife is offering up more observance opportunity for our unseen guests.


One response to “Paranormal premonition….signs our home is going “active” Text message from nowhere

  1. I can well relate to your phantom text message.I have had spirits mess with my computer in the past…e.g. I have received email messages intended for other people, without my email address in the bc or cc; and have also received strange messages without an email address (I live alone). Electronics is one of the easiest sources for spirits to communicate, so I’m not surprised that they have moved into computer technology..


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