Spirit Love Triangle?…..

201206272210Interference_bmpAs I have commented on and off I seem to have positive for the most part ….my husband negative,  I can’t believe the i fell for the oldest trick in the book…divide and conquer… my husband and I are very close we fight very rarely….and the only big fight we got into was after my stepson moved in and put his bed in front of the opening where I took the pictures of what I call the portal…after he left which was the outcome of this personal family fiasco I asked him…he had the choice of 2 rooms multiple places he could put his bed why he picked that spot…his bed was length wise in front of the large open portal closet…he said he did not know….I think he was affected by this ,  the short time he was here his behavior was on the side of bizarre.  Now he’s never been a walk in the park but this was borderline disastrous…. he was asked to leave…I don’t think he was “there”. I believe he was under some type of influence…. not to be blamed.

Currently as I have said we are having all kinds of problems with our electronics from our t.v.,  computers,  tablets ,  phones.   My husband calls me whenever he is out of work so I know about dinner etc.  He drives with the radio on and the window open winter or summer,  I always ask him to close the window and turn off the radio because I get all kinds of interference,  we have tryed everything its not breaking up or static its like muffling noises,  breathy, different pitch sounds.  I finally decided to really listen the sound is only when I speak .  I have asked my husband numerous times if he here’s it…he doesn’t on his end,   he usually talks to me from the parking lot at work before he gets on the road.  I stop it stops it is very difficult to try to listen to but I picked up one word …house ….it has the same vocal tone as my most recent e.v.p.’s some are somewhat inappropriate my stepson and I listened to the e.v.p.’s one we got was

“Watchin your #*%  ”  the other most recent  “quit – – me” couldn’t get the two middle words.   I don’t know but it seems to be using my phone to speak….but only when I speak to my husband.


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