Open door conversation with my husband

My husband and I were home tonight i 704649_1was in the living room he was in the dining room about 18 feet away he was at the table paying bills..I was watching T.V……there was a bang…. and as usual I said what was that? …we have a sliding door at the back of the house we have a board that fits snug when the door is closed for safety…. while we are around we keep the door open about a foot so the dogs can go out.   Well tonight  as usual the board was angled up with the door open it has been all day,  I don’t know why our dogs don’t go out in the rain and it was 45 degrees and damp….about 5 minutes after my husband sat down the board popped out on the floor about a foot….hence my comment what was that…there is no wind the dogs were no where near the door….we just looked at each other….I know my husband is tormented by this ….I don’t know what I was thinking but I said ” you know he doesn’t like you”. My husband said “I know” what is wrong with me why did I say that to him I love my husband…..I think we need help…I got myself together and told my husband….who hasn’t been sleeping well since we moved upstairs … I will cleanse the bedroom….I took a class about cleansing spaces…I am with his blessing going to cleanse the bedroom tomorrow…I don’t know why now the presence is so intrusive…. I am home so much ….I am feeling overwhelmed by this,  we have always had activity but this entity feels specific and often not like the others that would come and go I am feeling different than before…I don’t think this is good


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