Retaliation…. and second thoughts…spirit warning

fireplace-clipart-fireplace_2I thought about the cleansing,   I have never done it before,  even though I took a class I am not a medium,  or have any experience…. I had got the book I received and herbs out ,  the book is titled cleansing negative spaces… and sea salt left it on the table in the dining room and went to bed.   The next day I had second thoughts…. if I did anything it could make things worse,  even though I didn’t do anything it did get worse.  The next night my husband and I were just relaxing in the living room,  we had a fire burning in the fireplace.  We have a wood burning fireplace insert we had installed last year…it was 5,000.00 dollars top of the line thermostat controlled  beauty,  it has 2 doors we leave open when we are around at night we close the doors stoked  with wood and it pretty much heats the house,  we have never had a problem with it.   Well again we were hanging out with the fireplace burning and suddenly the insert base fell completely out with it the the fireplace screen fell on the floor.   The base of the insert weighs at least 20 lbs.  There is absolutely no way this could  spontaneously happen,  it does come off but it has to be lifted it has a lip on it  that is over the intake area hence blows out the top too heat the home.  The fire was burnng  we both freaked out I put the insert  back on top of the intake base and put the screen back.

There is no way this was accidental…we are very careful with the fireplace no one was moving around it was completely unexplainable and scary….later that night I had another experience….. coming next


4 responses to “Retaliation…. and second thoughts…spirit warning

  1. Hi, Just want to let you know I’ve read this. Glad your husband will no longer wonder if it’s really happening through the cell. Marty doesn’t know anyone there near you. I did show her your blog here & said she would have a couple questions, but knows she can help you. This is what she did for me. I’m so happy I had her do mine! I did use someone else 1st who is an amazing S. Healer also, but her specialty was something else. This is one of Marty’s specialties & Marty will stay with you until the job is completed. I’ll be going to her again if something new in my life happens. 30 yrs experience as a Spiritual Healer and will let you know about what’s up 1st b4 she does anything. If you want to ask her questions about what & how email her at Her price is based on each job individually, but won’t turn someone away if they make any size donation they can. Hope you see this soon.

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