SOLID PROOF…see spirit love triangle….now spirit jumped the wrong phone..

-cell-phone-clipart-10Had to blog this now….in my post spirit love triangle I talked about the breathy voice that comes from the earpiece of my cell phone when my husband calls me…no one else just him.

This morning we were talking about *67 …the number you can put in when making a call to block your number from the recipient….so we wanted to make sure it worked from our cells.  My husband was on the other end of the sectional and I said call me with *67 and we will see….he dialed my number my phone rang I answered …now he didnt have the phone up to his ear,   and we both heard it we were about 6 ft. apart…..the voice was coming out of his earpiece….he’s sitting there staring at his phone and I yell their he is ….thats him on your phone …he says are you kidding me? And hung up he was pretty shook up.  He always said he believed me  but without him hearing it he kind of blew it off.  Well he didnt blow it off this time….it actually made me feel better now he knows what I hear EVERY time he calls me…the spirit jumped the wrong phone but at least my husband knows I’m not crazy….lol


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