Spirit gaining power…object manipulation

I haven’t blogged for awhile simply because nothing  was going on.   Well yesterday I had a feeling our spirit friend was back .   Moose our spirit hunting dog started his tracking gaze…growling looking around the room following something with his eyes….and then his usual panic coming over to me and sitting basically on my shoulders on the cushion on the couch.

My husband was out grocery shopping….yeah I don’t do that…lol but I told him about it when he came back,  his response was like Oh great or something like that.  We continued with our usual Sunday stuff…and finally about 10:00 or so my husband went to bed.  As usual I stayed up ….and it must have been about 1a.m. I as usual was watching T.V…..boy I must sound like a slacker…when I caught something out of the corner of my eye,  looked and saw one our fireplace tools swinging back and forth front to back in about a six inch motion,  it wasn’t like when you bump something hanging…this tool is hung on the mantel and it swings and loses momentum slows down and stops.   The tool was swinging at the same speed and swing distance for at least 10 seconds then suddenly not gradually stopped,  and remained dead still as if someone grabbed it and stopped it,  there are other tools hanging none of them moved..the windows weren’t open… it was 36 degrees out I had a fire going but the tools are not near the fireplace opening and the fire was very low it needed more wood…we use the fireplace as our primary heat source.  My heart started pounding…this really spooked me I have never seen anything like it…no one human or dog was up and moving…the room was completely still.  I immediately said ” hey so your here”. And some other things I don’t recall.  I don’t think I have seen anything like this occur in our home….this was weirder than the flashlight conversation to me,  I think because this was so deliberate and unexplainable.  We hear things all the time….it may not sound like much but to see this tool swing forward and back so aggressively and dead stop when other tools are hanging on either side 3 inches apart dead still..it was the most active visual experience I have had in this house.   My husband was all ready gone to work when I got up…so far the activity for the most part has not been negative as this also was not I have chalked it up to a “Hey how ya doing”. Kind of event.  But obviously this entity is becoming stronger if it is manipulating objects….I hope things remain friendly.


I took a picture this morning the tool I have been speaking about is the one hanging between the fireplace bellows and the 2 pokers to the right.

Swinging fireplace tool pick taken at my house

Swinging fireplace tool pick taken at my house

Swinging fireplace tool pick taken at my house

Swinging fireplace tool pick taken at my house


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