Paranormal doorway…..entrance from the otherside

k16096282For quite some time we have suspected we have a portal….I have pictures ….2 for those of you who follow my post….I always emphasize these pictures were taken a week apart on 2 different cameras. The first one is more pronounced , but the “portals” are captured in the same spot…in the pitch black with a flash… that is more pronounced on the second photo. I took it from outside the door so the room is lit the hall is dark, you can see these pictures on post …Portal confirmed.

I have done a lot of research about portals and open doorways to the other side….we did nothing to encourage this ……like oeiewwwwwq. Did not type this. Tryed to backspace and this is what happened, again….back to the post let’s see if I can type the word without interruptions, I was trying to type Ouija board…won’t have one in the house, basically we have never called out or tryed to summon negativity of any kind. Now to the point.

I understand from my research when a spirit crosses to our world through a portal…vortex or doorway there is usually a boom that sharkswewee….again did not typp that. Anyway a boom that shakes the house…well that hapenned tonight, and at least a handful of times in the past. HAS ANYONE OUT THERE HAD THIS HAPPEN!!!!!…. My husband and I were standing about a foot apart when it happened tonight. The scary part is I don’t know if something came in or something left……I guess we’ll know soon enough.


7 responses to “Paranormal doorway…..entrance from the otherside

  1. I really hate to admit it but this has fascinated me since I was a kid…I rarely get spooked, though I know I terrifies my husband…I know I could take steps to cleanse the house….. but I really don’t want to, its like living in a theme park to me…I know I get mad sometimes but I don’t think I would take action unless things get malevolent.


  2. I lived in a home when I was a kid which would occassionaly have the boom thing. It is usually due to a build up of energy. Often they directly preceed or follow spiritual phenomena.
    From a non paranormal perspective it can also happen in houses with old mines underneath as gas builds up the explodes causing a shaking of the home. Would also be worth checking for any minor land faults that could of caused an earthquake deep under ground.
    If non of those things apply it might be worth borrowing or buying a geophone that measures and signals when there are vibrations happening.

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    • All of the booms come from upstairs can feel the vibration throughout the house ….the area is what I call the portal room, it is where I took the 2 pictures a couple weeks apart showing a very obvious vortex funnel shape anomaly . …we don’t use the room ….or go in the room we leave well enough alone..the pictures are on my blog back a couple years….after the second picture …I think it is called portal confirmed…pics are shocking

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      • A portal can be closed if you wanted it to be. Just make sure you got the right person in but its doable.

        Im not suprised the booms come from your portal area. Do you find phenomena less or more afterwards?



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