A shift in tides….something is off

There really hasn’t been anything at all going on.   From the past I have known this to not always be a good thing.


It has been cold…..really cold for this time of year …our focus .keeping the house warm.  For older followers you may know when we purchased the home there was no heat source….we gave it a try and have been successful in heating our home though it is 3,000 sq. Ft.  Mainly with our top of the line wood burning fireplace insert….if I worked we couldn’t do it …I don’t sleep well at night…so my job is to keep the house stoked and warm.

Maybe that has been a distraction….maybe things have just been quiet…maybe there has been a shift in power.

Today i thought about some things that have changed i felt a change …I reflected on the last week…our usual guest has not been interruptive on the calls from my husband…..no feelings …voices just one incident on the computer.The electronic interference here is abundant…. as many may have seen my touch screen is hijacked from time to time…the computer spontaneously spits out rows of letters at random…I try to backspace it out and it fills back in..I actually see the letters on my keypad go from gray to blue as if they are being touched,  I can’t backspace it so I leave it..I was answering a follower  the other night it kept happening…I got to my third try all I cooeuwl wwiwwot pqewyqytq s …it just stqarriqyqweqq tartd started again.  I’m sorry,  bare with me.  I have more to say…I better stop now as it is happening again….will finish tomorrow.


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