Enlightened ..?..

I am back once again…..I know I have gaps in my blog but as I have said before I have autoimmune   issues that can knock me out for lengths of time…

Through my endless searches about my health problems I have found my diagnosis . ..medical ….anxiety etc .  Some since   childhood   most about the last 15 years…intense the last  5 years …deeply parallel  the abilities of being an empath….makes sense…intense wish I had heard of this 25 years ago….maybe I wouldn’t be so sick now,  but there is no going back.  It is what it is.  I also had problems with my tablet….it seemed to be getting hijacked spewing letters me back spacing  like some paranormal   tug of war …check out some of last posts….again got a new tablet….hope it’s safe from my over achieving   ghostly   hacker!!!

Have odd more predictable  intelligent  anomalies . …Stories again…please forgive my once again gap in posts.567e928795b4feb627b4171401048628


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