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I am back once again…..I know I have gaps in my blog but as I have said before I have autoimmune   issues that can knock me out for lengths of time…

Through my endless searches about my health problems I have found my diagnosis . ..medical ….anxiety etc .  Some since   childhood   most about the last 15 years…intense the last  5 years …deeply parallel  the abilities of being an empath….makes sense…intense wish I had heard of this 25 years ago….maybe I wouldn’t be so sick now,  but there is no going back.  It is what it is.  I also had problems with my tablet….it seemed to be getting hijacked spewing letters me back spacing  like some paranormal   tug of war …check out some of last posts….again got a new tablet….hope it’s safe from my over achieving   ghostly   hacker!!!

Have odd more predictable  intelligent  anomalies . …Stories again…please forgive my once again gap in posts.567e928795b4feb627b4171401048628

2014 in review

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The most terrifying event thus far……

Thanksgiving-Turkey-Cartoon-Wallpaper-Clipart-400x351-300x263My husband and I have become quite layed back regarding the abnormal events in our home….sure there have been an abundance of small occurrences… several large and unexplainable…. until now.


It started slowly a suggestion….no maybe an offering,  probably not the most intelligent move on our part ,  but its to late…its done ,  no backing out now.   The horror of it all!!!

THANKSGIVING…. at our house!!!!

The count started out manageable….11….then , kids home from college..boyfriends…girlfriends….make it stop!!!!  Our 6 person dining room table to hold 17?   Noooo.

2 more tables….thank god we have a large dining room…borrowed,  silver and table cloths….and my brother from North Carolina….. with icy chills and trembling hands….please keep the large knives away from me…lol….and a husband that makes awesome turkey…

Even this will pass……………..Happy Turkey Day

So much for that theory…….Moose is spooked again

miss-havishams-bare-foot..Hi there I am going to try to get this out…..when my computer is hijacked I try to backspace it out but it pushes forward… I can see the keys light up….all I know is that it is getting  old…quick….back to last night,  my husband went up to bed….I stayed up late as usual……our dogs Elsie and moose go up with my husband… I stay up with the other three until we all go up to bed.


Moose went upstairs following Elsie and my husband…about a minute later,  Moose came running down the steps ran over to me and jumped up behind my shoulders….he was shaking and crying,  I yelled up to my husband “what happened to moose?”……he replyed he was fine.  I told him about moose…then moose started tracking with his eyes down here….still shaking…I yelled up whatever it was its down here now.   Moose looked around got up ran to the stairs turned to go up,..looked turned around and jumped on me again where he stayed.

Moose calmed down we went to bed and he has been fine since.   I think we definitely have a new entity…..hopefully the more the merrier.      Hey got all the way through a post…good sign.

A shift in tides….something is off

There really hasn’t been anything at all going on.   From the past I have known this to not always be a good thing.


It has been cold…..really cold for this time of year …our focus .keeping the house warm.  For older followers you may know when we purchased the home there was no heat source….we gave it a try and have been successful in heating our home though it is 3,000 sq. Ft.  Mainly with our top of the line wood burning fireplace insert….if I worked we couldn’t do it …I don’t sleep well at night…so my job is to keep the house stoked and warm.

Maybe that has been a distraction….maybe things have just been quiet…maybe there has been a shift in power.

Today i thought about some things that have changed i felt a change …I reflected on the last week…our usual guest has not been interruptive on the calls from my husband…..no feelings …voices just one incident on the computer.The electronic interference here is abundant…. as many may have seen my touch screen is hijacked from time to time…the computer spontaneously spits out rows of letters at random…I try to backspace it out and it fills back in..I actually see the letters on my keypad go from gray to blue as if they are being touched,  I can’t backspace it so I leave it..I was answering a follower  the other night it kept happening…I got to my third try all I cooeuwl wwiwwot pqewyqytq s …it just stqarriqyqweqq tartd started again.  I’m sorry,  bare with me.  I have more to say…I better stop now as it is happening again….will finish tomorrow.

Shhhhh….. My husband came out….of the paranormal closet

images-10My husband finally is understanding this is not going away no matter now much he ignores it. Saturday morning my husband just got home from doing the grocery shopping….I can’t be trusted,  I buy things I like not what we need…lol,  anyway whenever one of us gets home from anywhere our dogs go nuts…wagging,  jumping ,  barking you would think we were gone for a week….you really barely get in the door,  have to put everything down and say hello to the dogs.


My husband sat on the couch surrounded by the dogs the usual kisses and barks….I waited patiently until they calm down,  and he looks at me and says… you didn’t hear that?,  and I said heard what.  He said ” I heard a woman go shhhhh…like she was shushing the dogs”….”even Rocket looked”.  Rocket is our alpha male …my husband said it was definitely a womans voice..it was plain as day.  I wasn’t really paying attention at the time I was just watching him with the dogs.  He said “it was right over my left shoulder at the same time rocket looked up too.”

Now this is huge…normally he would just blow it off and not mention it..I was upset I missed it.  That is the only the 2nd time we have heard a female in the 2 years since we moved in and both times it was audible.. the first time was a full sentence but we couldn’t understand what she said.

Every other voice weather it was recorded or audible has been male….very elusive our lady friend.

So proud of my husband only took 2 years for him to get on board.  I think his fear is waning,  at leasI hope ,  he should not be uncomfortable in his own home.

A Beacon in the night…Warning of things to come

I have just been warned…..it is a cold night…1a.m. I am up alone soaking up the heat from the fireplace…2 dogs by my side….a slow twisting knot welling up through my body…you may have read my post ….spirit in hiding as the house shaking boom announced a new prescence.

The dogs have been stirring barking in the night,  not much sleep to be had.

Otherwise quiet until just now.  I have used my flashlight to communicate with accuracy with what I call ” the spirit of  the house” whose voice I have heard…through the phone…and my husband has heard as well….as in life vocal recognition can be heard from the dead…a man…woman …child.  for quite some time we have had the presence of the same man…his voice recognizable… though not always understood.

My husband told me this morning that our dog Moose had a troubling night..I was up until 4 a.m. not in bed where Moose sat vigil.   Moose was whimpering on and off…I knew he was up and down coming downstairs periodically…. and barking at his demons. The last few days have been in question…a subject of frequent discussion between my husband and myself.  Things where very quiet …usually a sign of things to come.

The flashlight comes into play at this point..I have pondered the infrequency of the communication as I know it can be done …on command usually initiated from the otherside. The light I keep on a shelf at the ready …to be accessible….sometimes it comes on without provocation… sometimes I initiate.  These times are far and few between,  mostly not thought about.

Tonight the light came on..I said hello..you are with us tonight…and ask to please turn the light off if it is you.  Slowly the light wavers bright to dim to off.  I ask …is someone here with you…the light remains off…I ask are you afraid….darkness prevails…I ask are you here to warn us….the light comes on,  my heart starts beating..I ask can you turn the light off again so I know its you….it slowly dims,  goes out and has remained out despite more questions…so here I am on a cold night,  in front of the fire….afraid but thankful for the warning of what might come.


How to Tell if Your Home is Haunted or Not

The Abnormal Realm

Over the years, I helped out friends move into either new apartments or houses and anusually pattern had developed Most of them, within a month, would invite me over to their new place to determine if its haunted, after experiencing something out of the ordinary. This often occurrs, as I am the only person my friends know to possess knowledge about the paranormal. After pocking around, I could find the causes to their encounters, be it leaking pipes, lose floor board, or mice crawling in the walls. Like my friends, seems to me new home owners, after coming across a smell, a noise or something they can’t explain, automatically assume their residence to haunted. Usually in these cases, there are a reasonable explanations other than ghost. Here are some tips to follow to determine if paranormal forces are residing within your home.

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Spirit intrusion?…new spirit signs…old spirit hides

My last post referred to the boom my husband and I heard….I think it was an anomally passing through…things were very quiet for a day or so…no background chat on my husbands calls to me ….knocks….no sound at all the visceral quiet I know all to well.

There were no real strange occurrences…. just one , I was bending over to pick something up in front of a closet in the living room in front of a closet that has a door that won’t quite close as my head as about 2 feet of the floor and bending back upright I heard a deep mans voice….that raspy dementional voice say 4 or 5 words…couldn’t understand it wasn’t recorded as I was expecting nothing that day…I stood walked away…haven’t heard from him since…our “friend” is back out of hiding he was full force on the call from my husband today.

Welcome back!!! My flashlight chatting, tantrum having , electronically screwed up whispy friend.  Again what you see typed below …I did not do I watched ….until it stopped.