The most terrifying event thus far……

Thanksgiving-Turkey-Cartoon-Wallpaper-Clipart-400x351-300x263My husband and I have become quite layed back regarding the abnormal events in our home….sure there have been an abundance of small occurrences… several large and unexplainable…. until now.


It started slowly a suggestion….no maybe an offering,  probably not the most intelligent move on our part ,  but its to late…its done ,  no backing out now.   The horror of it all!!!

THANKSGIVING…. at our house!!!!

The count started out manageable….11….then , kids home from college..boyfriends…girlfriends….make it stop!!!!  Our 6 person dining room table to hold 17?   Noooo.

2 more tables….thank god we have a large dining room…borrowed,  silver and table cloths….and my brother from North Carolina….. with icy chills and trembling hands….please keep the large knives away from me…lol….and a husband that makes awesome turkey…

Even this will pass……………..Happy Turkey Day

Shhhhh….. My husband came out….of the paranormal closet

images-10My husband finally is understanding this is not going away no matter now much he ignores it. Saturday morning my husband just got home from doing the grocery shopping….I can’t be trusted,  I buy things I like not what we need…lol,  anyway whenever one of us gets home from anywhere our dogs go nuts…wagging,  jumping ,  barking you would think we were gone for a week….you really barely get in the door,  have to put everything down and say hello to the dogs.


My husband sat on the couch surrounded by the dogs the usual kisses and barks….I waited patiently until they calm down,  and he looks at me and says… you didn’t hear that?,  and I said heard what.  He said ” I heard a woman go shhhhh…like she was shushing the dogs”….”even Rocket looked”.  Rocket is our alpha male …my husband said it was definitely a womans was plain as day.  I wasn’t really paying attention at the time I was just watching him with the dogs.  He said “it was right over my left shoulder at the same time rocket looked up too.”

Now this is huge…normally he would just blow it off and not mention it..I was upset I missed it.  That is the only the 2nd time we have heard a female in the 2 years since we moved in and both times it was audible.. the first time was a full sentence but we couldn’t understand what she said.

Every other voice weather it was recorded or audible has been male….very elusive our lady friend.

So proud of my husband only took 2 years for him to get on board.  I think his fear is waning,  at leasI hope ,  he should not be uncomfortable in his own home.

” Clean up on aisle 3″…… spirit shenanigans..what do you want?

screaming blondeI stayed up to my usual 2-3 a.m. time went up to bed riled up the dogs like always when I go to bed… husband just loves this seeing he has to get up at 5a.m….actually he usually doesn’t remember even though we talk at times ……then about 30 seconds later he is back to sleep,  as was the case last night. Everyone was settled ….me on the other hand take some time to fall asleep.

I had just started to get ccomfortable…. I always lay on my right side,  I face the bathroom door…..I am Laying there and CRASH!!!!,  I thought my husband couldn’t possibly be asleep yet and I yell   “Wayne what the f##k was that….now I usually am not yelling obscenities at 3a.m. but this unidentifiable crash was not a floor away,  more like 3 ft….sounded like someone dumped a garbage can on the hardwood floor….my husband didn’t answer asleep of course…an atom bomb wouldn’t wake him. The dogs jumped up….I jumped up,  even though I knew nothing would be there I looked around anyway…thought Maybe this time something really did fall…no such luck….just a pounding heart,  sleeping husband and a long night ahead.


Does anyone have any ideas….is it just the fact that we “invaded” the upstairs…is it me,  my husband is having no problems…. there really hasn’t been activity in the bedroom before it has me worried,  what could be next.


MOOSE OUR SPECIAL BOYKINDLE_CAMERA_1399295198000Sorry for skipping over the Moose blog…..Moose is a sweetheart….during his birth there were complications….he has always been our “innocent”  he is a little slow,  he basically knows his name and no.  He gets picked on by his brother and sister even though he is at least twice their size,  so we watch out for him just like if you had a special needs child.

I and my husband believe he sees the things he does because he is an innocent.  Ever since we have lived here he has had periods of focusing on something,  following something unseen by us with his eyes and growling at it.  Once he was barking at the bathroom door it was closed….I went to him to try to show him there was nothing there but he just got worse he started growling and snapping….I opened the door and he continued to growl and snap he would not come in even when I tried to coax him.   We actually do consider  the bathroom one of our homes hot spots since we lived there ….I have been touched and my husband has heard things including a growl from the shower……makes for a fun and relaxing bathroom experience,  really? The bath is the last place I would hang out if I was a ghost…must be a perv.

one night in particular my husband and I were relaxing watching t.v. seems we do alot of that…better find a hobby.  I don’t know when I realized this was going on but we noticed Moose watching  and following something with his eyes….he was growling but also would cry out …we have a pillow back sectional and sometimes one of the dogs will sit behind either of us…Moose was getting more nervous on the verge of panic he was going between my husband and I on the pillow backs I noticed he was shaking…..severely this kept up for quite a while ,  the other dogs were fine.  Finally I yelled out “leave him alone you are scaring him”  and it worked ,  he was still shaking it took some time for him to calm down but he was no longer looking at anything .  I continued to comfort him until he was calm.  The incident didn’t seem to have any long term effect he is back to the innocent special dog he has always been.



Ever since we have bought our home I have been fine with the activity around us but my husband hasn’t. I have mentioned before I asked my husband if he could stay here….I told him if he was that uncomfortable I would sell and move, my first priority is to my husband however after finding 2 different homes and having offers accepted one after the other even with it being a cash purchase…both had “cloudy” titles meaning they couldn’t guarantee there were no liens. We waited about 4 months for H.U.D. to clear the title and we decided to go ahead and stay….at this point we are done with the rehab. and are financially committed to this home.
I don’t know why my husband seems to be a target…I have not had any negative experiences but my husband has. I do have a picture of one of the incidents he woke up with this series of scratches. It is such an unusual pattern I don’t see how it could have happened normally. Or even by one of our dogs. If anyone has seen anything like this or knows what this could be please let me know….the pattern is odd…he didn’t wake up it is not your typical 3 perfect scratches everyone seems to get….ANYONE IDEAS?Camera(1)


The second time I was on the couch my husband was in the kitchen…we have an open floor plan,  we were talking and I saw him open the cabinet under the sink bend over and throw something in the trash….as he was bent over he yelled out and stood back up straight and reached around to his back ….now I was looking at him at the time his back was to me and he said I just felt like I got hit with a whip!…..he came back into the livingroom and I looked under his shirt there was a vertical red mark about 6-8 inches long…I wanted to take a picture but he brushed it off…saying it’s just the house…

We have gotten to the point that if we here something fall usually sounds like a stack of boxes or something mostly upstairs we don’t even bother looking.  No pets can get upstairs and at the time we never went up there either…we don’t even bother to look,  once again we say. “Its just the house”  is it?


royalty-free-comfortable-clipart-illustration-1046587As some of you all ready may know our home has no central heating as yet… can get darn cold in the  midwest….last winter their were some days below 0 ….Our woodburning fireplace really got a work out, now we did install an insert with a blower helps immensely…but no high heating bills. We do have a few plug in baseboard heaters…the house is about 3000 sq feet no fireplace can handle that.
I am a night owl by nature….my husband gets up about 6a.m. and I go to bed about 3 or 4 a.m.. During the winter I am on fire patrol…I keep the fire going all night go to sleep and my husband starts one before he leaves for work.
As I have said in previous posts I frequently record at night on my digital recorder….I have caught quite a few e.v.p.,s this way, well one particular night I fell asleep while on “fire” duty I woke up freezing about 4:30 ….shivering I went to the fireplace and proceeded to build the fire back up…I had to start over the fireplaces cold.  I got the kindling…larger wood,  paper,  lit the fire.  Sometimes it takes a while I was half asleep and kind of leaning on the mantel to make sure it would catch…it did …I layed backed down and fell back asleep.

The next day I decided too listen to the recording from the night before…as time went by I heard usual house noises…me sleeping and then I heard when I woke up to restart the fire…I could hear myself putting the fire together,  lighting it and the quiet as I leaned against the mantel..then to my surprise I very clearly heard a male voice say. “GET YOU A CHAIR” this was very clear and pertinent to the situation seeing I was very cold and tired and leaning on the mantel…I was very surprised by this e.v.p.  and also pleased …even the dead haven’t forgotten to be gentleman.

I believe this spirit I have heard from before I recognised his voice….he is one of the “regulars”….I found out from my neighbors that before the development was constructed around this house,  it was the only house on the street and surrounded by trees…the occupant a well known drug dealer he was later murdered by a gunshot wound to the head…I don’t know if it occurred in our house but it would make sense he would not pass over due to his lifestyle…or maybe he does not know he is dead…however this was his house and I  believe he came home.


Moose our paranormal alarm

KINDLE_CAMERA_1399295195000Moose is our “special needs” dog I was there for his birth it was difficult….he is an innocent….and he is able to detect and we believe see the paranormal.  HIS STORY NEXT

A spiritual couple of years….but not in a good way

th-9During the last couple of years a lot has gone on…..I will touch upon the most  memorable events…. the spirit activity has become much more intelligent and interactive….there has definitely become an obvious divide..the entities like me…don’t like my husband he has had 2 physical attacks……I will blog these events and more beginning tonite…..welcome…