Please don’t go!!

As promised I am posting this page as an immediate response to something that happened last night. Before I get into that. Monday night I decided to go to the house not to work just to spend some time there and do some evp sessions. Now when I do this I turn on my recorder and go about my business or slackness what ever may be the case and talk about what I am doing. If someone is there I want them to feel included. I know, my sympathetic tendencies are now following me into the spirit world. Anyway I have talked about the man that had lived in our new home that was murdered, since so many things seem to point to him I direct alot of questions to the subject of fear, loneliness, untimely death etc. I did not receive anything of significance during this evening, though when it was time to leave I did say you can come with me if you want. This is probably not a smart thing to do but it felt like the right thing to do at the time. I left for the night, again after review found nothing of any relevance during my recording.

But something strange happened last night, my husband and I bought a stove from an individual and just wanted to drop it off at the house, as to save a trip, we got to the house unloaded the stove basically put it inside the door in the living room and left, virtually spending no time at all at the house, On the way home we were in my husbands pick-up and as we approached our exit a sound started to emanate from the dash board area, now he has had his share of old trucks and after hauling something heavy like a stove, were like ” here we go again” now my husband is mechanically savvy and we both were like, what is that!, the sound was like a heavy metal object swinging back and forth making a bonging like noise( o.k. get your mind out of the 70’s) it was slow every 3 seconds or so almost like you could picture it swinging, by now we were sitting at the stop sign at our exit and it continued to slow…. and then stopped. Fearing the worst we listened as we continued on and heard nothing out of the ordinary then or scince, I asked my husband if he has ever heard a sound like that come from an engine, Now he is a professional he has a CDL A drivers license, he replied that didn’t come from the engine. It did not occur to me until today that I think this was from our spirit…showing a sign that it did not want us to leave.. this seems like a stretch even to me but again we did stop the truck feeling not quite sure what to do and saying once again “what WAS that?” this is beginning to be a regular statement around our house. Any thoughts?


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  1. Hi! 1st I want to say I Love Your Blog!! One of the best, if not thee best I’ve since! I’m just now starting to read your Great Postings!
    Anyhow, just to introduce myself, since I’ve shared way to little on my blog. MY family members (except Dad) while I was growing up all had psychic abilities to some degree. I really believed it was normal & others could do it to. At 15 yrs old I had a bad experience & shut down that part of me. There were times it reawakened when paranormal activity was around me, but I didn’t like it. Now fast forward to when I am in my early 50’s (6 yrs ago) and I moved into an absolutely unbelievable haunted apartment. There were 6 portals with different dimensions and I wasn’t able to get out of there for 2 yrs. I had professionals document activity & they were even blown away to witness some of it themselves (as you I’m sure knows, they see things in the photo’s and what not’s after they leave the premise). I have some photo’s & video’s myself. Some of them need a 3rd eye to see, and some everyone can see. It was 3 yrs ago I moved into my new apt (same building) and it is filled with calm peace. So, about a yr later I discovered I could do Reiki (as a conduit for Universal healing energy directing it to others) and preceded to clean & activate my chakras. I later learned about QRAK energy and had a attunement with it. It opened my 3rd eye even more & I’m seeing my spirit guides, angels & spirit animals on a daily bases. I’ve done some mediumship readings when I attended a James Praagh 5 day workshop, but that’s not where my passion is. I love Reiki & tarot card readings with the angels. I’m amazed every time. I want to try everything. That all being said, I still consider myself as a newbie in spiritual development. The more I explore what is going on with spiritual evolution right now, the more I know I have a lot to learn. I’m not even 1/2 way there yet. Maybe 1/8th.

    Okay, enough about me. I’m intrigued to see your photos, I’m just having a difficult time finding them. (I always have to learn the hard way on how to work new software & new technology, usually just guessing lol) Please direct me to the photos the same way you would teach a 1st grader. Don’t assume I even know the simplest common knowledge actions to take 😛 Love & Light


    • Hi there…we are Amazingly alike your …travels…. sound like me my interests include, the paranormal, the chakras, I am a certified polarity practitioner… hands on treatments for spiritual alignment based on chakras, chi, provides pain relief kind of like a combination of reiki and chiropractic treatment. I just turned 51….l have pictures, I skipped a couple years major rehab on our house…hence the blog….check out post. “Portal confirmed” 2012 archives
      Check out the swirl at the bottom of the gray mist it looks like a vortex the second pic is more vague but read the blog….these pics were taken on different disposable cameras 1-2 weeks apart these types of images have not shown up anywhere else except that closet . Just tap on posts on list on the right or tap on archives (tap or click) thanks for writing…. I still don’t know what half the dashboard stuff does…I’m going to check out your site….keep in touch.

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      • Hi! Hi! Can’t believe how much time has flown by since I was last here. Love your in energy healing. I’ve got fibromyalgia & my health has taken a turn for the worse. We haven’t been able to find any physical, and right now I have a couple theories of possible causes. One including the not good paranormal activities going on in my home. I always question my sanity when things have been so bizarre. But every time so far its been proven that it’s “them”. I’ve got some things I need to do, but will keep this open on my pc so I don’t forget. I’m really interested in checking out your posts! Oh, just happen to notice something on one of my old videos I missed, the other day. Get this! A man’s arm coming out of my living room wall & making a gesture! You ask How in the world could you ever miss seeing a man’s arm coming out of the wall? 🙂 It blended in with the surrounding colors. ttys


      • Hi there I just posted some pictures pretty lame compared to hand coming out of the wall…still on pins & needles about my hearing for disability…. think I told you about that it is in s week and a half. I have been waiting since 2010, you would think they would have run out of hoops for me to jump through….if I could jump through hoops…lol do you know how to put recordings on a post….or is it some Lind of paid upgrade…have a good one


  2. I’ve only included photos, so I don’t know. If you haven’t yet, take a look. If you want me to I will. I enjoy trying to figure out something new to do on different sites.

    I’m sure you’ve realized the day went by with no sign of me. Sorry for the delay (never did close my window). I’m going to go right now to send at least some of my goodies to you via email. Most people do need a little direction in seeing what’s there, Tffff, but there’s a couple things I don’t see that other psychics do. Okay, I’m going to get the stuff sent. If your back on again tonight, after looking at them, text me so we can hook up online. I’m not sure if it’s going to be another world here or not, I might be up Very Late. I’ll send my number with the email. Until next time 🙂


  3. I love to read your posts and I love the blue background theme, however I find it quite a strain on my eyes to try and read the text so I can only skim through the post and pick up a few words here and there.


  4. Ive no doubt you are a very experienced sensitive/empath/medium etc? But I was quite alarmed to read you have “invited” this entity to follow you home. Even after 20 + years in spiritual development and mediumship I would not have made that mood. Although you feel you know who this spirit is at the moment it is not hard for a spirit to mask themselves as something benevolant, especially if they are something negative. So far you have had the barrier of this spirit being in the house you are refurbishing. There is also the risk that you have left yourself open to spirit attatchment which can lead to places Angels fear to tread.
    I dont say any of this to offend, or “teach a grandmother to suck eggs”, but purely out of concern for your well being and your husbands. If this spirit did indeed go home with you he no longer has a ‘safe’ spirit free home to go back to.

    Im hoping you are both well and happy and are not having too many problems just now. Fascinated by your case and am now following you. If you would like to chat or have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me at

    Blessings to you both

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