This is the first time I have returned to my blog in a week and for good reason…..I have been trying to keep our events somewhat chronological however this deserves emergency attention.  On Tuesday July 3, 2012,  I was driving to our rehab house to help my husband.  It was becoming ominous outside I could I could see dark storm clouds building over the lake (lake Erie)  it was getting windy it was very hot as with most of the midwest there were the beginnings of a heat wave .  I got a frantic phone call while driving from my husband,  he got to the house and started to open windows, and set up  for the day when he heard what sounded like crunching loud footsteps from the basement,   if you have seen my picture “Portal to Hell” when it is pitch black down there you don’t exactly get a “warm fuzzy feeling anyway”.  he looked down into the darkness and saw a black mass that quickly moved off in the dark,  he grabbed a curtain rod and started hitting the steps,  slowly went downstairs and turned on the light,  nothing was there.   Still startled he went back up  settled down and the same thing happened,  he was freaked at this point,  covered the entrance to the “portal” and knowing there was no break in,  he  was a little relieved but still jumpy,  by this time storm is rolling in I am getting closer,  there is dark sky’s  streetlights were coming on,  my dashboard lights came on and it was only noon,  Lightning was flashing it was a scary time rushing to my husband,  he called me again and said,  he can’t get anything done everything he is working on is going wrong,  I heard fear in his voice when he said  “Do you ever think this house doesn’t want us here?”……  I wanted to cry,  I never hear fear in my husbands voice,  he was scared.  ” I told him hang on, I’ll be there in 10 minutes,  go out on the porch sit down and watch the storm roll in,  and try to calm down.  I felt helpless,  I felt sick.  Why my husband,  leave him alone.  I am much more knowledgeable about the paranormal,  I know in most cases they do what you let them do.  I tried to calm him hung up and raced to the house.  When I got there he was o.k. laughed it off as usual,  we waited for the storm but didn’t get much work done,  to much heaviness in the air.  I wanted to go let my husband get away from the experience without having to ask,  He was shook and under his cheerful facade I could see it.

  Needless to say with the high temps (near 100)  and with the experience from last tuesday we spent short stints at the house.  It’s been a week things seem back to normal we are easing back to work at the house I always make sure I am able to go out to the house with him  as he seems to be the focus of most activity,  until he achieves his ” comfort zone” again if it is to be.


6 responses to “SPIRIT TARGET

  1. good morning, I wanted to thank you for your comment you made on the post i decided to delete. You reminded me, that , what I was doing could be dangerous..so I decided to delete that comment, and just hope for the best in my life. you are a beautiful spirit!! thank you for being my friend ❤


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