So much for that theory…….Moose is spooked again

miss-havishams-bare-foot..Hi there I am going to try to get this out…..when my computer is hijacked I try to backspace it out but it pushes forward… I can see the keys light up….all I know is that it is getting  old…quick….back to last night,  my husband went up to bed….I stayed up late as usual……our dogs Elsie and moose go up with my husband… I stay up with the other three until we all go up to bed.


Moose went upstairs following Elsie and my husband…about a minute later,  Moose came running down the steps ran over to me and jumped up behind my shoulders….he was shaking and crying,  I yelled up to my husband “what happened to moose?”……he replyed he was fine.  I told him about moose…then moose started tracking with his eyes down here….still shaking…I yelled up whatever it was its down here now.   Moose looked around got up ran to the stairs turned to go up,..looked turned around and jumped on me again where he stayed.

Moose calmed down we went to bed and he has been fine since.   I think we definitely have a new entity…..hopefully the more the merrier.      Hey got all the way through a post…good sign.

Shhhhh….. My husband came out….of the paranormal closet

images-10My husband finally is understanding this is not going away no matter now much he ignores it. Saturday morning my husband just got home from doing the grocery shopping….I can’t be trusted,  I buy things I like not what we need…lol,  anyway whenever one of us gets home from anywhere our dogs go nuts…wagging,  jumping ,  barking you would think we were gone for a week….you really barely get in the door,  have to put everything down and say hello to the dogs.


My husband sat on the couch surrounded by the dogs the usual kisses and barks….I waited patiently until they calm down,  and he looks at me and says… you didn’t hear that?,  and I said heard what.  He said ” I heard a woman go shhhhh…like she was shushing the dogs”….”even Rocket looked”.  Rocket is our alpha male …my husband said it was definitely a womans was plain as day.  I wasn’t really paying attention at the time I was just watching him with the dogs.  He said “it was right over my left shoulder at the same time rocket looked up too.”

Now this is huge…normally he would just blow it off and not mention it..I was upset I missed it.  That is the only the 2nd time we have heard a female in the 2 years since we moved in and both times it was audible.. the first time was a full sentence but we couldn’t understand what she said.

Every other voice weather it was recorded or audible has been male….very elusive our lady friend.

So proud of my husband only took 2 years for him to get on board.  I think his fear is waning,  at leasI hope ,  he should not be uncomfortable in his own home.

Spirit intrusion?…new spirit signs…old spirit hides

My last post referred to the boom my husband and I heard….I think it was an anomally passing through…things were very quiet for a day or so…no background chat on my husbands calls to me ….knocks….no sound at all the visceral quiet I know all to well.

There were no real strange occurrences…. just one , I was bending over to pick something up in front of a closet in the living room in front of a closet that has a door that won’t quite close as my head as about 2 feet of the floor and bending back upright I heard a deep mans voice….that raspy dementional voice say 4 or 5 words…couldn’t understand it wasn’t recorded as I was expecting nothing that day…I stood walked away…haven’t heard from him since…our “friend” is back out of hiding he was full force on the call from my husband today.

Welcome back!!! My flashlight chatting, tantrum having , electronically screwed up whispy friend.  Again what you see typed below …I did not do I watched ….until it stopped.



Spirit Love Triangle?…..

201206272210Interference_bmpAs I have commented on and off I seem to have positive for the most part ….my husband negative,  I can’t believe the i fell for the oldest trick in the book…divide and conquer… my husband and I are very close we fight very rarely….and the only big fight we got into was after my stepson moved in and put his bed in front of the opening where I took the pictures of what I call the portal…after he left which was the outcome of this personal family fiasco I asked him…he had the choice of 2 rooms multiple places he could put his bed why he picked that spot…his bed was length wise in front of the large open portal closet…he said he did not know….I think he was affected by this ,  the short time he was here his behavior was on the side of bizarre.  Now he’s never been a walk in the park but this was borderline disastrous…. he was asked to leave…I don’t think he was “there”. I believe he was under some type of influence…. not to be blamed.

Currently as I have said we are having all kinds of problems with our electronics from our t.v.,  computers,  tablets ,  phones.   My husband calls me whenever he is out of work so I know about dinner etc.  He drives with the radio on and the window open winter or summer,  I always ask him to close the window and turn off the radio because I get all kinds of interference,  we have tryed everything its not breaking up or static its like muffling noises,  breathy, different pitch sounds.  I finally decided to really listen the sound is only when I speak .  I have asked my husband numerous times if he here’s it…he doesn’t on his end,   he usually talks to me from the parking lot at work before he gets on the road.  I stop it stops it is very difficult to try to listen to but I picked up one word …house ….it has the same vocal tone as my most recent e.v.p.’s some are somewhat inappropriate my stepson and I listened to the e.v.p.’s one we got was

“Watchin your #*%  ”  the other most recent  “quit – – me” couldn’t get the two middle words.   I don’t know but it seems to be using my phone to speak….but only when I speak to my husband.

A night time visitor….my first physical encounter

skull roseThere are many ways people try to contact te ded and many reasons.  . my reason I just want to know what I’m dealing with….for those of you that may not know this,  our century home was not built on this land….it was moved here.  By who..don’t know…from where…don’t know…..why don’t know.  What does this have to do with anything?  It’s intriguing.   The town archives bld.  Is literally less than a mile from here,  why have I not gone….I could in probably in a couple hours know,  chain of title…its previous location  etc.  The reason I haven’t…..I want my own facts…names ….etc. and see what matches up.  This event happened while I was “offline”.   

After a day signs the house was active for us its frequent familiar  noises,  such as something falling over,  it didn’t ….Moose eye scanning and growling in different parts of the house…… that tickle in your stomach that says you’re not alone.   The day passed,  my husband went to bed,  I followed a few hours later,  I quietly slipped into bed ,  I sleep on my right side…my husband his left back to back….romantic huh?   Hey comfort first.  Anyway I had just got comfortable when …..woosh!!  Some one forcefully blew in my ear ….enough to blow my hair up.  I froze ,  looked over my shoulder at my husbands back he was out like a light ….we have a king so there is quite a bit of space between us…I kept thinking about it,  the air had no temperature to it or

that warm moist feeling,  it wasn’t cold…just quick and forceful….I think that was the first time I was

genuinely spooked.  Contact ?  definitely we have no ceiling fan, the ac wasn’t on ,  window closed

Thinking back….great experience… the time …not so much.

Moose has a rough day….

KINDLE_CAMERA_1399295193000I have described out house before the living room is in the front open to the dining room open to the kitchen which leads to our sliding door…I keep it open during the day so the dogs can go in and out . Myself and all the dogs were sitting in the livingroom they sleep most of the time until one of them hears something outside and the herd runs full blast barking to the back yard.

Today moose was laying on his stomach on our Ottoman facing the kitchen he was just staring for quite awhile…I had just fed them the rest of the dogs were crashed….Moose still staring i thought he was listening to something outside.

Now when i feed the dogs i have to spread out the bowls there is constant food stealing between them…i put 2 bowl spaced out in the kitchen and another in the dining room jus before the thresh hold to the kitchen …the bowls are plastic the dining room bowl is on hardwood.  The reason i am telling you this is because is because of what happened next.

Moose is still staring at the kitchen when he started the barking stampede the 3 boys take of to what I thought was the backdoor…..before they got to the kitchen the dining room food bowl shot across the floor I saw it happen it was was with speed and purpose….then something happened that never happened before all 3 dogs stopped dead in their tracks completely silent and ran back to the living room . Moose layed dwn in the archway watching the dining room the other dogs went back to sleep.  After my husband got home he has to sit down to say hi while he is being covered in kisses i can’t get near him.  Even after the dogs settled down they could not go through the living room archway they would try but turn around and come back….I don’t know what that was about but our entities are getting a talking to tonight….. and it won’t be nice maybe they’ll turn their attention back on us and leave our babies alone.

An old post…for new followers

The previous post was not meant to be how it turned out….however it seems to have become quite popular…my husband and I were just talking about it the other day….give it a read ….every bit of it was true …by the way we still have the stove $60 perfect condition!!

Just tap on   please don’t go

The yellow triangle guy is usually a heads up for something very scary or very weird.

Photo montage….. old and new ….let me know what you think

1st pic 1st roll of film

1st pic 1st roll of film

taken saturday,  new roll of film

taken saturday, new roll of film

basement orb streak

peach colored mist in bedroom "ceiling" different film from portal to hell mist

peach colored mist in bedroom “ceiling” different film from portal to hell mist

Most recent mist covered floor of our new bedroom

Most recent mist covered floor of our new bedroom

These are 2 consecutive pictures taken looking down our bizarre spiral basement stairs in the pitch black notice the orange anomaly,  this appeared in another picture later that night in a bedroom.  i did some research and found an orange/peach type mist represents a protective spirit but was it protecting me from them or them from me?  I guess we'll find out in time

These are 2 consecutive pictures taken looking down our bizarre spiral basement stairs in the pitch black notice the orange anomaly, this appeared in another picture later that night in a bedroom. i did some research and found an orange/peach type mist represents a protective spirit but was it protecting me from them or them from me? I guess we’ll find out in time

When we were making the house livable some weekends iI would come out and spend the night ….taking picture an doing evp sessions.  My husband thought I was crazy with everything that has happened since I wouldn’t do it again.  I used 35mm through away cameras…no adjustments focus etc. Just point and shoot and developed at the store….you get what you get, each camera takes 27 pics for the few interesting ones I have I have a lot of pictures of nothing.

Check out the picture of the basement table…enlarge it and you will see a streak of tiny balls of light that go in a straight line up to the çeiling which is alo in the direction of the funnel on the second floor. We dont go in the room from the funnel picture…

” Clean up on aisle 3″…… spirit shenanigans..what do you want?

screaming blondeI stayed up to my usual 2-3 a.m. time went up to bed riled up the dogs like always when I go to bed… husband just loves this seeing he has to get up at 5a.m….actually he usually doesn’t remember even though we talk at times ……then about 30 seconds later he is back to sleep,  as was the case last night. Everyone was settled ….me on the other hand take some time to fall asleep.

I had just started to get ccomfortable…. I always lay on my right side,  I face the bathroom door…..I am Laying there and CRASH!!!!,  I thought my husband couldn’t possibly be asleep yet and I yell   “Wayne what the f##k was that….now I usually am not yelling obscenities at 3a.m. but this unidentifiable crash was not a floor away,  more like 3 ft….sounded like someone dumped a garbage can on the hardwood floor….my husband didn’t answer asleep of course…an atom bomb wouldn’t wake him. The dogs jumped up….I jumped up,  even though I knew nothing would be there I looked around anyway…thought Maybe this time something really did fall…no such luck….just a pounding heart,  sleeping husband and a long night ahead.


Does anyone have any ideas….is it just the fact that we “invaded” the upstairs…is it me,  my husband is having no problems…. there really hasn’t been activity in the bedroom before it has me worried,  what could be next.

Spirit manipulation…being pulled by the unknown

slideshow_990653_staircasei have been sleeping downstairs since we have moved in …there is a downstairs bedroom,   as you know we have recently moved upstairs, there have been some incidents since we have moved upstairs….for any of my followers you know there have been evp’s… and  other things that have happened both day and night involving my self and my husband….noises from upstairs , voices, etc,  now that we are upstairs there are noises downstairs…. I am the only one affected.  There have been 2 incidents I have experienced since we have been sleeping upstairs… the first one was I heard what sounded  and felt…like a suction effect like the front door opening…. kind of freaked me out.  I got up went downstairs saw nothing.  A couple of nights later I heard what sounded like a stack of cans fall down….again I went downstairs…nothing,  I feel like I am being lured back downstairs…. I feel like I am being manipulated and I am falling for it.