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The previous post was not meant to be how it turned out….however it seems to have become quite popular…my husband and I were just talking about it the other day….give it a read ….every bit of it was true …by the way we still have the stove $60 perfect condition!!

Just tap on   please don’t go

The yellow triangle guy is usually a heads up for something very scary or very weird.

Photo montage….. old and new ….let me know what you think

1st pic 1st roll of film

1st pic 1st roll of film

taken saturday,  new roll of film

taken saturday, new roll of film

basement orb streak

peach colored mist in bedroom "ceiling" different film from portal to hell mist

peach colored mist in bedroom “ceiling” different film from portal to hell mist

Most recent mist covered floor of our new bedroom

Most recent mist covered floor of our new bedroom

These are 2 consecutive pictures taken looking down our bizarre spiral basement stairs in the pitch black notice the orange anomaly,  this appeared in another picture later that night in a bedroom.  i did some research and found an orange/peach type mist represents a protective spirit but was it protecting me from them or them from me?  I guess we'll find out in time

These are 2 consecutive pictures taken looking down our bizarre spiral basement stairs in the pitch black notice the orange anomaly, this appeared in another picture later that night in a bedroom. i did some research and found an orange/peach type mist represents a protective spirit but was it protecting me from them or them from me? I guess we’ll find out in time

When we were making the house livable some weekends iI would come out and spend the night ….taking picture an doing evp sessions.  My husband thought I was crazy with everything that has happened since I wouldn’t do it again.  I used 35mm through away cameras…no adjustments focus etc. Just point and shoot and developed at the store….you get what you get, each camera takes 27 pics for the few interesting ones I have I have a lot of pictures of nothing.

Check out the picture of the basement table…enlarge it and you will see a streak of tiny balls of light that go in a straight line up to the çeiling which is alo in the direction of the funnel on the second floor. We dont go in the room from the funnel picture…

invaders…who new it was us

120245After many sleepless nights ,  my husband and I decided we needed a king bed… our dogs sleep with us.  The bigger bedroom was upstairs…. now we never go upstairs 2  years of footsteps and unexplained sounds of things falling….loudly we never would go check it was more like “did you hear that?” And kind of shrug our shoulders and say ….its just the house.  After I had taken the photos in one of the rooms up stairs…..see archives 2012 “portal”. After having the same funnel like mist show up in 2 different pictures in the exact same spot 2 weeks apart…..I stayed away from the upstairs.  Well we bit the bullet and went ahead and decorated and moved upstairs Being. July and having no central air we have a window air conditioner,  the noise helps block any sounds we may here…but there is more to it to that.  Our upstairs has 3 bedrooms and a full bath at the top of a curved enclosed stairway there is a landing with a door I front of you one to your left and one to your right no hallway…our room is to the right the “portal” room to the left….the 2 rooms share a wall and end with a “jack&Jill ” bathroom if you don’t know what this is it is a bathe shared by both rooms….1 door in each room…you could walk a complete circle through one room through the bath into the other room and back to the landing ….too many doors for my comfort.  We have only been upstairs for a couple of weeks. We have been physically much more comfortable, we keep all the upstairs doors closed except our bedroom door Being a night owl on about the 3rd night I went up to bed about 2:30am and got into bed I take awhile to fall asleep not like the 30 seconds it takes my husband…everything had been OK at first…white noise is a great filter,  maybe too great… be continued.


MOOSE OUR SPECIAL BOYKINDLE_CAMERA_1399295198000Sorry for skipping over the Moose blog…..Moose is a sweetheart….during his birth there were complications….he has always been our “innocent”  he is a little slow,  he basically knows his name and no.  He gets picked on by his brother and sister even though he is at least twice their size,  so we watch out for him just like if you had a special needs child.

I and my husband believe he sees the things he does because he is an innocent.  Ever since we have lived here he has had periods of focusing on something,  following something unseen by us with his eyes and growling at it.  Once he was barking at the bathroom door it was closed….I went to him to try to show him there was nothing there but he just got worse he started growling and snapping….I opened the door and he continued to growl and snap he would not come in even when I tried to coax him.   We actually do consider  the bathroom one of our homes hot spots since we lived there ….I have been touched and my husband has heard things including a growl from the shower……makes for a fun and relaxing bathroom experience,  really? The bath is the last place I would hang out if I was a ghost…must be a perv.

one night in particular my husband and I were relaxing watching t.v. seems we do alot of that…better find a hobby.  I don’t know when I realized this was going on but we noticed Moose watching  and following something with his eyes….he was growling but also would cry out …we have a pillow back sectional and sometimes one of the dogs will sit behind either of us…Moose was getting more nervous on the verge of panic he was going between my husband and I on the pillow backs I noticed he was shaking…..severely this kept up for quite a while ,  the other dogs were fine.  Finally I yelled out “leave him alone you are scaring him”  and it worked ,  he was still shaking it took some time for him to calm down but he was no longer looking at anything .  I continued to comfort him until he was calm.  The incident didn’t seem to have any long term effect he is back to the innocent special dog he has always been.


Haunted house to scary movie

stock-footage--k-scary-house-d-animation-k-uhd-x-ultra-high-definitionOUR WEEKEND……I don’t know if this is of a paranormal nature however I’ll tell you anyway.  Saturday night my husband and I were relaxing after dinner….. I was dozing on the couch he was reading the paper…we are really not as boring as we sound..we were actually watching the sky…severe thunderstorm was rolling in which we both enjoy….about midway through the  suddenly there was an amazing crack of thunder… me still on the couch, my husband jumps up and yells,  it hit the house….a 4-5 flash of light appeared in our dining room and immediately dissipated… we frantically ran around the house me inside him outside.  Thank god nothing looked damaged….then I looked at  new desktop and the WiFi were fried.  Well nothing paranormal here just weather and a lot of expense.  Now let’s move on to Sunday… this time its lat like 3 in the morning late I am up husband long asleep I rarely go to sleep before 3 a.m. …there is something about night that is very relaxing to me.  For those of you who are thinking if you live in a haunted house why would you want to be up at night….well newsflash,  just as much activity happens during daylight hours but most people are working or busy and don’t    ” see ” it. Anyway….I am relaxing and watching a movie,  it isn’t raining …there is heavy storms but they are miles away at the southern end of the state …we are in Ohio a out  10 miles from lake Erie…. I am on the main floor once again in the living room and all of a sudden  KABOOM!!!!!  No flash of light in the house but definitely a huge clap of thunder AGAIN… I immediately look outside,  no rain, rumbles of thunder,  or distant lightning…. WHAT WAS THAT…oh definitely a very loud clap of thunder….none before….none after, a paranormal repeat or strange weather anomaly.     if you are wondering I am on my smartphone ….not the same layout apologies if not quite right… my Wi-Fi back apparently couldn’t post from smartphone….but I can from my kindle!!


Ever since we have bought our home I have been fine with the activity around us but my husband hasn’t. I have mentioned before I asked my husband if he could stay here….I told him if he was that uncomfortable I would sell and move, my first priority is to my husband however after finding 2 different homes and having offers accepted one after the other even with it being a cash purchase…both had “cloudy” titles meaning they couldn’t guarantee there were no liens. We waited about 4 months for H.U.D. to clear the title and we decided to go ahead and stay….at this point we are done with the rehab. and are financially committed to this home.
I don’t know why my husband seems to be a target…I have not had any negative experiences but my husband has. I do have a picture of one of the incidents he woke up with this series of scratches. It is such an unusual pattern I don’t see how it could have happened normally. Or even by one of our dogs. If anyone has seen anything like this or knows what this could be please let me know….the pattern is odd…he didn’t wake up it is not your typical 3 perfect scratches everyone seems to get….ANYONE IDEAS?Camera(1)


The second time I was on the couch my husband was in the kitchen…we have an open floor plan,  we were talking and I saw him open the cabinet under the sink bend over and throw something in the trash….as he was bent over he yelled out and stood back up straight and reached around to his back ….now I was looking at him at the time his back was to me and he said I just felt like I got hit with a whip!…..he came back into the livingroom and I looked under his shirt there was a vertical red mark about 6-8 inches long…I wanted to take a picture but he brushed it off…saying it’s just the house…

We have gotten to the point that if we here something fall usually sounds like a stack of boxes or something mostly upstairs we don’t even bother looking.  No pets can get upstairs and at the time we never went up there either…we don’t even bother to look,  once again we say. “Its just the house”  is it?

Moose our paranormal alarm

KINDLE_CAMERA_1399295195000Moose is our “special needs” dog I was there for his birth it was difficult….he is an innocent….and he is able to detect and we believe see the paranormal.  HIS STORY NEXT


Now I will admit I didn’t know anything about elemental hauntings until tonight.  While watching the all famous paranormal show that shows on Wednesday nights and shall remain nameless.  Now I know this is just t.v. but I think they are really scraping now….the more I think about it I guess I am too since I am writing about it.  Anyway there was a haunting at let’s just say an outdoor retreat area,  and it was determined that it was most likely an elemental haunt.

Now I am open to new information obviously considering what I blog about,  but the minute I heard trolls,  nymphs,  and  sprites I felt like I was watching Disney film.  I paid less and less attention to the show,  the outcome was the usual “There is no reason to be afraid” speech.  Just don’t cross any troll infested bridges….that was mine.

However I did do a little research on elemental haunts and found it is much different than what was  portrayed in what I watched this evening.  No lit up eyes in the woods or journeys to fairyland.  This can be serious business.  The gist I got is elementals can be quite menacing… Have been described as shapeshifters,  solid dark entities.  Now that I have been introduced to this interesting arena I plan to do some research on the subject.  The above blog can explain this subject much better than me.  I have enough to handle at my own house!!!


If there is anyone out there who can explain my photos or what they thing they might be of,  the ramifications of, or any other information would be greatly appreciated.

The last 4 rolls of film all had some orb pic’s but they also had 1 only 1 much stronger presence photographed.

Again each pic is on a different roll of film.  ANYONE!!!