Shhhhh….. My husband came out….of the paranormal closet

images-10My husband finally is understanding this is not going away no matter now much he ignores it. Saturday morning my husband just got home from doing the grocery shopping….I can’t be trusted,  I buy things I like not what we need…lol,  anyway whenever one of us gets home from anywhere our dogs go nuts…wagging,  jumping ,  barking you would think we were gone for a week….you really barely get in the door,  have to put everything down and say hello to the dogs.


My husband sat on the couch surrounded by the dogs the usual kisses and barks….I waited patiently until they calm down,  and he looks at me and says… you didn’t hear that?,  and I said heard what.  He said ” I heard a woman go shhhhh…like she was shushing the dogs”….”even Rocket looked”.  Rocket is our alpha male …my husband said it was definitely a womans was plain as day.  I wasn’t really paying attention at the time I was just watching him with the dogs.  He said “it was right over my left shoulder at the same time rocket looked up too.”

Now this is huge…normally he would just blow it off and not mention it..I was upset I missed it.  That is the only the 2nd time we have heard a female in the 2 years since we moved in and both times it was audible.. the first time was a full sentence but we couldn’t understand what she said.

Every other voice weather it was recorded or audible has been male….very elusive our lady friend.

So proud of my husband only took 2 years for him to get on board.  I think his fear is waning,  at leasI hope ,  he should not be uncomfortable in his own home.

A Beacon in the night…Warning of things to come

I have just been warned… is a cold night…1a.m. I am up alone soaking up the heat from the fireplace…2 dogs by my side….a slow twisting knot welling up through my body…you may have read my post ….spirit in hiding as the house shaking boom announced a new prescence.

The dogs have been stirring barking in the night,  not much sleep to be had.

Otherwise quiet until just now.  I have used my flashlight to communicate with accuracy with what I call ” the spirit of  the house” whose voice I have heard…through the phone…and my husband has heard as well….as in life vocal recognition can be heard from the dead…a man…woman …child.  for quite some time we have had the presence of the same man…his voice recognizable… though not always understood.

My husband told me this morning that our dog Moose had a troubling night..I was up until 4 a.m. not in bed where Moose sat vigil.   Moose was whimpering on and off…I knew he was up and down coming downstairs periodically…. and barking at his demons. The last few days have been in question…a subject of frequent discussion between my husband and myself.  Things where very quiet …usually a sign of things to come.

The flashlight comes into play at this point..I have pondered the infrequency of the communication as I know it can be done …on command usually initiated from the otherside. The light I keep on a shelf at the ready …to be accessible….sometimes it comes on without provocation… sometimes I initiate.  These times are far and few between,  mostly not thought about.

Tonight the light came on..I said are with us tonight…and ask to please turn the light off if it is you.  Slowly the light wavers bright to dim to off.  I ask …is someone here with you…the light remains off…I ask are you afraid….darkness prevails…I ask are you here to warn us….the light comes on,  my heart starts beating..I ask can you turn the light off again so I know its you….it slowly dims,  goes out and has remained out despite more questions…so here I am on a cold night,  in front of the fire….afraid but thankful for the warning of what might come.


Tech …Savvy…. Entity expanding his skills

girl-talking-on-the-phone-clipart-man-answering-the-phone-clip-artI have been blogging about my husband and my phone’s and how I usually hear the background breathy …soft or loud interference and occasional word.

SaturdayI referenced us using our phones in the same room and my husbands phone was “jumped” and he heard the voice for the first time….well as usual I was hearing the let’s call it spirit interjections when my husband called leaving work.

Today he called to let me know he was on his way home….same phone stuff, I was saying something to my husband and I didn’t hear it he jumped in and said. ” I’m hearing him!”

I am having a hard time with this I understand entities use energy to interact but why just when my husband and I are talking… take on it the spirit found something he can do…. and enjoys it it can be disruptive but  at least not negative…… if he starts texting me…..whole different story ….lol.

Knock, Knock……who’s there

View from living room to back of the house

View from living room to back of the house

Before the phone post I promised a post on what happened after the fireplace incident so here it is short and spooky.

The day after the fireplace incident I had a doctors appointment,  whenever I have to be up to be some where I sleep on the couch ….for some reason in our new upstairs bedroom alarm or not I have a really hard time getting up…I don’t want to be a no show for something important ….so I sleep downstairs I think its the discomfort factor that gets me up…lol. anyway i had just layed down and turned off the T.V. I was still awake….about 5 minutes later I heard a loud concise knock…about 3 seconds went by and 3 more concise consecutive knocks …the sound sounded as if it was knocking on the wall from the kitchen….it had that drywall sound…it wasn’t like did I here something….it was loud and crisp identical knocks….I don’t scare easily but there was no denying this sound there is nothing in the house that could spontaneously make this noise.   Then I  thought though it didn’t sound like it but

what if some freak is outside the sliding door,  I slowly got up and looked around the corner……the motion light was off no one there but better safe than sorry.  I knew it wasn’t the front door the couch is like 3 feet away would have been pretty obvious.

Message received….layed back down nothing else happened didn’t sleep well …but made it to the appointment.

SOLID PROOF…see spirit love triangle….now spirit jumped the wrong phone..

-cell-phone-clipart-10Had to blog this now….in my post spirit love triangle I talked about the breathy voice that comes from the earpiece of my cell phone when my husband calls me…no one else just him.

This morning we were talking about *67 …the number you can put in when making a call to block your number from the recipient….so we wanted to make sure it worked from our cells.  My husband was on the other end of the sectional and I said call me with *67 and we will see….he dialed my number my phone rang I answered …now he didnt have the phone up to his ear,   and we both heard it we were about 6 ft. apart…..the voice was coming out of his earpiece….he’s sitting there staring at his phone and I yell their he is ….thats him on your phone …he says are you kidding me? And hung up he was pretty shook up.  He always said he believed me  but without him hearing it he kind of blew it off.  Well he didnt blow it off this time….it actually made me feel better now he knows what I hear EVERY time he calls me…the spirit jumped the wrong phone but at least my husband knows I’m not crazy….lol

Retaliation…. and second thoughts…spirit warning

fireplace-clipart-fireplace_2I thought about the cleansing,   I have never done it before,  even though I took a class I am not a medium,  or have any experience…. I had got the book I received and herbs out ,  the book is titled cleansing negative spaces… and sea salt left it on the table in the dining room and went to bed.   The next day I had second thoughts…. if I did anything it could make things worse,  even though I didn’t do anything it did get worse.  The next night my husband and I were just relaxing in the living room,  we had a fire burning in the fireplace.  We have a wood burning fireplace insert we had installed last year…it was 5,000.00 dollars top of the line thermostat controlled  beauty,  it has 2 doors we leave open when we are around at night we close the doors stoked  with wood and it pretty much heats the house,  we have never had a problem with it.   Well again we were hanging out with the fireplace burning and suddenly the insert base fell completely out with it the the fireplace screen fell on the floor.   The base of the insert weighs at least 20 lbs.  There is absolutely no way this could  spontaneously happen,  it does come off but it has to be lifted it has a lip on it  that is over the intake area hence blows out the top too heat the home.  The fire was burnng  we both freaked out I put the insert  back on top of the intake base and put the screen back.

There is no way this was accidental…we are very careful with the fireplace no one was moving around it was completely unexplainable and scary….later that night I had another experience….. coming next

So far so good…..all is quiet

cagothic182.jpgAfter last night I did a lot of thinking….I am not going to be intimidated by an entity that had me worked up….I never was before and I won’t be again…. after going to bed about 6:00 a.m. I woke up and pondered for awhile and decided  I am not going to stop my research a.k.a. interests because of some negative energy call it an obsession or maybe an oppression but I am going to continue to live here with my husband and dogs…unless the situation calls me elsewhere,  so expect more stories…occurrences,  and negative energy situations….and may push for more .

Lighting the way ….Spirit truce?



Last week I wanted to make contact with whoever was living in our home …I used a technique that I have used before. You will be spectical I still am shocked every time it happens, though I have seen this done on paranormal t.v. shows, I thought it was some type of “parlor” trick, the technique…..the flashlight questioning. The first time I saw it I was with a friend on a paranormal investigation…. my friend used a flashlight “mag” light that you twist the top by the bulb to make it light twist the top so it is close to turning on then I take the flashlight and slam it in my palm to make sure it is not spontaneously come on then repeat to make sureyeqqqqwwrwqqwewyqtqqwwuwrwwwwqypqqqywqqqeqeqqywwwrorwqwwuuqewqqqqqqtqrwiwqqyqpwwwqqwwwpewwiewww qwwwe

WHAT IS THIS….my tablet just went nuts the keys randomly were lighting rapidly spewing this nonsense….I think I might be getting in over my head..I will admit I do dabble in this.. nothing beyond what I have posted but I tryed to reverse it would type forward …this is the first time I am spooked doing a blog.  Well it seems to have stopped I will make  this short, so you lay the flashlight on a table i aleays leave the top sticking out a little to make it easier and just start asking questions….i asked vague questions the flashlight lit 3 different times….when it lights you need to tell them to turn it off for the next question it is amazing the light slowly dims until off….anyway we had what I thought was a compromise you can stay just knock off the nonsense…well then yesterday I got scratched…..sorry I really am trying to be quick I am a bundle of nerves and Moose is scratching me..not good.

Well last nightI did an evp session….got nothing then I said well last chance I am going to bed and shut it off well today I listened to the whole thing at the end was a mans voice that said “I’m Dale” class A evp…don’t know this guy ….not Bubba the previous murdered owner…well guess I have a new quest.

Moose has a rough day….

KINDLE_CAMERA_1399295193000I have described out house before the living room is in the front open to the dining room open to the kitchen which leads to our sliding door…I keep it open during the day so the dogs can go in and out . Myself and all the dogs were sitting in the livingroom they sleep most of the time until one of them hears something outside and the herd runs full blast barking to the back yard.

Today moose was laying on his stomach on our Ottoman facing the kitchen he was just staring for quite awhile…I had just fed them the rest of the dogs were crashed….Moose still staring i thought he was listening to something outside.

Now when i feed the dogs i have to spread out the bowls there is constant food stealing between them…i put 2 bowl spaced out in the kitchen and another in the dining room jus before the thresh hold to the kitchen …the bowls are plastic the dining room bowl is on hardwood.  The reason i am telling you this is because is because of what happened next.

Moose is still staring at the kitchen when he started the barking stampede the 3 boys take of to what I thought was the backdoor…..before they got to the kitchen the dining room food bowl shot across the floor I saw it happen it was was with speed and purpose….then something happened that never happened before all 3 dogs stopped dead in their tracks completely silent and ran back to the living room . Moose layed dwn in the archway watching the dining room the other dogs went back to sleep.  After my husband got home he has to sit down to say hi while he is being covered in kisses i can’t get near him.  Even after the dogs settled down they could not go through the living room archway they would try but turn around and come back….I don’t know what that was about but our entities are getting a talking to tonight….. and it won’t be nice maybe they’ll turn their attention back on us and leave our babies alone.

An old post…for new followers

The previous post was not meant to be how it turned out….however it seems to have become quite popular…my husband and I were just talking about it the other day….give it a read ….every bit of it was true …by the way we still have the stove $60 perfect condition!!

Just tap on   please don’t go

The yellow triangle guy is usually a heads up for something very scary or very weird.