A Beacon in the night…Warning of things to come

I have just been warned…..it is a cold night…1a.m. I am up alone soaking up the heat from the fireplace…2 dogs by my side….a slow twisting knot welling up through my body…you may have read my post ….spirit in hiding as the house shaking boom announced a new prescence.

The dogs have been stirring barking in the night,  not much sleep to be had.

Otherwise quiet until just now.  I have used my flashlight to communicate with accuracy with what I call ” the spirit of  the house” whose voice I have heard…through the phone…and my husband has heard as well….as in life vocal recognition can be heard from the dead…a man…woman …child.  for quite some time we have had the presence of the same man…his voice recognizable… though not always understood.

My husband told me this morning that our dog Moose had a troubling night..I was up until 4 a.m. not in bed where Moose sat vigil.   Moose was whimpering on and off…I knew he was up and down coming downstairs periodically…. and barking at his demons. The last few days have been in question…a subject of frequent discussion between my husband and myself.  Things where very quiet …usually a sign of things to come.

The flashlight comes into play at this point..I have pondered the infrequency of the communication as I know it can be done …on command usually initiated from the otherside. The light I keep on a shelf at the ready …to be accessible….sometimes it comes on without provocation… sometimes I initiate.  These times are far and few between,  mostly not thought about.

Tonight the light came on..I said hello..you are with us tonight…and ask to please turn the light off if it is you.  Slowly the light wavers bright to dim to off.  I ask …is someone here with you…the light remains off…I ask are you afraid….darkness prevails…I ask are you here to warn us….the light comes on,  my heart starts beating..I ask can you turn the light off again so I know its you….it slowly dims,  goes out and has remained out despite more questions…so here I am on a cold night,  in front of the fire….afraid but thankful for the warning of what might come.


SOLID PROOF…see spirit love triangle….now spirit jumped the wrong phone..

-cell-phone-clipart-10Had to blog this now….in my post spirit love triangle I talked about the breathy voice that comes from the earpiece of my cell phone when my husband calls me…no one else just him.

This morning we were talking about *67 …the number you can put in when making a call to block your number from the recipient….so we wanted to make sure it worked from our cells.  My husband was on the other end of the sectional and I said call me with *67 and we will see….he dialed my number my phone rang I answered …now he didnt have the phone up to his ear,   and we both heard it we were about 6 ft. apart…..the voice was coming out of his earpiece….he’s sitting there staring at his phone and I yell their he is ….thats him on your phone …he says are you kidding me? And hung up he was pretty shook up.  He always said he believed me  but without him hearing it he kind of blew it off.  Well he didnt blow it off this time….it actually made me feel better now he knows what I hear EVERY time he calls me…the spirit jumped the wrong phone but at least my husband knows I’m not crazy….lol

Retaliation…. and second thoughts…spirit warning

fireplace-clipart-fireplace_2I thought about the cleansing,   I have never done it before,  even though I took a class I am not a medium,  or have any experience…. I had got the book I received and herbs out ,  the book is titled cleansing negative spaces… and sea salt left it on the table in the dining room and went to bed.   The next day I had second thoughts…. if I did anything it could make things worse,  even though I didn’t do anything it did get worse.  The next night my husband and I were just relaxing in the living room,  we had a fire burning in the fireplace.  We have a wood burning fireplace insert we had installed last year…it was 5,000.00 dollars top of the line thermostat controlled  beauty,  it has 2 doors we leave open when we are around at night we close the doors stoked  with wood and it pretty much heats the house,  we have never had a problem with it.   Well again we were hanging out with the fireplace burning and suddenly the insert base fell completely out with it the the fireplace screen fell on the floor.   The base of the insert weighs at least 20 lbs.  There is absolutely no way this could  spontaneously happen,  it does come off but it has to be lifted it has a lip on it  that is over the intake area hence blows out the top too heat the home.  The fire was burnng  we both freaked out I put the insert  back on top of the intake base and put the screen back.

There is no way this was accidental…we are very careful with the fireplace no one was moving around it was completely unexplainable and scary….later that night I had another experience….. coming next

Paranormal premonition….signs our home is going “active” Text message from nowhere

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Every home  is different,    in homes with activity there is usually signs….in our home if I am in tune…….there is an abnormal quietness the only way I can explain it is if you are sitting around and there is a neighborhood power outage,  every noise is absent…a palpable quiet….you can feel it in your gut.   Our house is that way,  I had that feeling a day or two before the front door incident.

During these periods there are minor things I don’t blog about some of these things are pretty consistant….whistling,  which I usually whistle back….odd audible vocalizations a high low voice not a word just a vocal pattern….sounds of things falling,  I don’t even go look anymore and today knocking at the front door,  I was on the sectional in the corner where i can lean and see out the window on the porch ….the dogs were on the sectional barking out the window of course there was no one there.  i am up late again tonight again.

our electronics have been getting screwed with pretty bad as I have mentioned but today really went beyond comprehension …we live in the cleveland -akron area and I have been texting my husband about our Ebola breach in protocol with an infected nurse flying in and out of the cleveland airport…God help us all on this potential catastrophy,   anyway my husband called me I couldn’t get to the phone,  when I could my phone was open to text…showed no missed call…yet my phone showed I texted him ” I couldn’t talk right now.” Now I know you can auto text different messages if you don’t want to pick up but this was not the case,  if I don’t answer my phone goes to voicemail, I never even use that feature,  I called him back and told him what happened…I was 2 rooms away in the kitchen.  Interference is one thing but answering my phone is another….I don’t have any explaination for this I guess I need to chaulk it up to another unexplained event.

I wonder whats planned for tomorrow….the spiritual intelligence factor seems to be advancing rapidly…I sometimes wonder if me being a stay at home wife is offering up more observance opportunity for our unseen guests.

RAIN DELAY…..how do they know

Moose takes it up the a** again……..How do they know.  For those of you that read my post last night…I had decided to……stop sitting by quietly stop being complacent and take our house back….from everything I’ve heard spirits can read you,  know your fears,  thoughts,  weaknesses…. Moose has weaknesses…. he is somewhat mentally challenged…..innocent and able to see….our other dogs don’t seem to notice but Italian greyhound s are notoriously self centered.  We have the whole family here …..The mom & dad and hannible, sister Elsie and of course moose…Weird I had a mom and dad an older and younger brother too,   anyway just my rambling where was I….oh yeah.


This morning was a cluster…I woke up I have an autoimmune disorder I usually can’t get out of bed for about an hour….my husband leaves for work ungodly early…he drives a truck…I sleep till around 10.  I take my meds try not too wake the dogs and try to be able to move.  Just so you know I don’t take narcotic pain meds….they are of an antiinflammatory nature so my thinking is clear I just hurt…a lot.

This particular morning dogs were quiet for about 45 minutes not to bad.  The dogs always act like you’ve been gone for a month not realizing they were just asleep.   They roll around Rocket the father has to have his 15 minute belly rub…hannible stands on your stomach and nips your nose…Elsie stays completely under the blanket wanting none of it….she’s not a morning dog,  and mom the alpha checks things out doing what we call the perimeter walk.  So were doing our thing when Moose starts barking I thought it was one of those you have my bisquit barks….or pet me too barks…or just bark…they all do that.cool blue eye


But this was …the bark….the staring snarling who are you bark….this has never happened in the bedroom before,  it started with Moose at the end of the bed he was looking at the wall abovemy nightstand as if someone was standinext to me by the bed…he started pacing back and forth snarling and barking at the area above the headboard,  I was calling him to me he wouldn’t come.  He then jumped up on the end of the left side of the bed and was looking at the area above my husbands pillows…the other dogs are now off the bed,  Mooses gaze shifted to the door after I started yelling leave him alone and get out……I kept calling for Moose he ran around to my side of the bed and dove in as I lifted the blanket he laid next to my side for the next half  hour.

The day didn’t end there,  I had been debating all day weather I should tell my husband about what happened…. but Moose gave it away …after my husband sat down on the couch,  Moose jumped up and sat on the cushion behind his shoulders well that’s Elsies spot she was barking at Moose and he wouldn’t budge.  She settled down and he said “what’s up with Moose?  So I told him.

Well he said “that explains it. So I asked .  I. Guess after he got up it as about 5:15a.m. he came downstairs made coffee he watches the news before he goes back upstairs to get ready for work.  Well I guess he was hearing what sounded like a large heavy ball roll across the floor upstairs… first he thought I was up doing something… that’s not going to happen.   He heard it a couple more times and thought enough…he went up the stairs when he was about half way up it stopped…I was somewhat awake ,  heard him getting ready…I had heardnothing else,  all the dogs were sleeping with me.

Things seem to happen in clusters…not usually related to each other…so I don’t think provocation is a good idea right now.  I am going to bed and put on my recorder…see what I get….sometimes it takes a couple days to be able to go through the tapes…we will know then


Does anyone know how to download audio out there..I am using a tablet.  Till next time.

Photo montage….. old and new ….let me know what you think

1st pic 1st roll of film

1st pic 1st roll of film

taken saturday,  new roll of film

taken saturday, new roll of film

basement orb streak

peach colored mist in bedroom "ceiling" different film from portal to hell mist

peach colored mist in bedroom “ceiling” different film from portal to hell mist

Most recent mist covered floor of our new bedroom

Most recent mist covered floor of our new bedroom

These are 2 consecutive pictures taken looking down our bizarre spiral basement stairs in the pitch black notice the orange anomaly,  this appeared in another picture later that night in a bedroom.  i did some research and found an orange/peach type mist represents a protective spirit but was it protecting me from them or them from me?  I guess we'll find out in time

These are 2 consecutive pictures taken looking down our bizarre spiral basement stairs in the pitch black notice the orange anomaly, this appeared in another picture later that night in a bedroom. i did some research and found an orange/peach type mist represents a protective spirit but was it protecting me from them or them from me? I guess we’ll find out in time

When we were making the house livable some weekends iI would come out and spend the night ….taking picture an doing evp sessions.  My husband thought I was crazy with everything that has happened since I wouldn’t do it again.  I used 35mm through away cameras…no adjustments focus etc. Just point and shoot and developed at the store….you get what you get, each camera takes 27 pics for the few interesting ones I have I have a lot of pictures of nothing.

Check out the picture of the basement table…enlarge it and you will see a streak of tiny balls of light that go in a straight line up to the çeiling which is alo in the direction of the funnel on the second floor. We dont go in the room from the funnel picture…..lol

” Clean up on aisle 3″…… spirit shenanigans..what do you want?

screaming blondeI stayed up to my usual 2-3 a.m. time went up to bed riled up the dogs like always when I go to bed…..my husband just loves this seeing he has to get up at 5a.m….actually he usually doesn’t remember even though we talk at times ……then about 30 seconds later he is back to sleep,  as was the case last night. Everyone was settled ….me on the other hand take some time to fall asleep.

I had just started to get ccomfortable…. I always lay on my right side,  I face the bathroom door…..I am Laying there and CRASH!!!!,  I thought my husband couldn’t possibly be asleep yet and I yell   “Wayne what the f##k was that….now I usually am not yelling obscenities at 3a.m. but this unidentifiable crash was not a floor away,  more like 3 ft….sounded like someone dumped a garbage can on the hardwood floor….my husband didn’t answer asleep of course…an atom bomb wouldn’t wake him. The dogs jumped up….I jumped up,  even though I knew nothing would be there I looked around anyway…thought Maybe this time something really did fall…no such luck….just a pounding heart,  sleeping husband and a long night ahead.


Does anyone have any ideas….is it just the fact that we “invaded” the upstairs…is it me,  my husband is having no problems…. there really hasn’t been activity in the bedroom before it has me worried,  what could be next.

Spirit…..morning constitutional……..really

Per my last post,  our bedroom is now upstairs,  my husband got a new job and leaves at 5:45am it is still dark….the dreaded upstairs me and the dogs alone in the dark.  I told him to shut down the fans and air so I can hear what’s going on in the house,  our house is a 3000 sq. Ft. Colonial  as cozy as our new room is it is an adjustment being upstairs.

One morning half awake laying in bed,  my husband was gone it was just getting light.  I don’t hear anyone come up the stairs but am surprised by the sound of the door to the left of ours open….footsteps wandering on the hardwood,  the door to the shared bathroom open ( we keep the bathroom door on our side closed) and oddly enough the toilet seat put down…its never up..  I’m partly frozen,  partly confused and also not entirely surprised…. no one left the bathroom,  I heard nothing else.  I tried to rationalize this event …..then stopped, why…. an expected experience a little more prolonged than most…..after all the upstairs was our off limit space….we heard the noises coming from upstairs before, why would that change.

Next ….As above….So belowsomething_in_the_hall

Haunted house to scary movie

stock-footage--k-scary-house-d-animation-k-uhd-x-ultra-high-definitionOUR WEEKEND……I don’t know if this is of a paranormal nature however I’ll tell you anyway.  Saturday night my husband and I were relaxing after dinner….. I was dozing on the couch he was reading the paper…we are really not as boring as we sound..we were actually watching the sky…severe thunderstorm was rolling in which we both enjoy….about midway through the  suddenly there was an amazing crack of thunder… me still on the couch, my husband jumps up and yells,  it hit the house….a 4-5 ft.blue flash of light appeared in our dining room and immediately dissipated… we frantically ran around the house me inside him outside.  Thank god nothing looked damaged….then I looked at  new desktop and the WiFi were fried.  Well nothing paranormal here just weather and a lot of expense.  Now let’s move on to Sunday… this time its lat like 3 in the morning late I am up husband long asleep I rarely go to sleep before 3 a.m. …there is something about night that is very relaxing to me.  For those of you who are thinking if you live in a haunted house why would you want to be up at night….well newsflash,  just as much activity happens during daylight hours but most people are working or busy and don’t    ” see ” it. Anyway….I am relaxing and watching a movie,  it isn’t raining …there is heavy storms but they are miles away at the southern end of the state …we are in Ohio a out  10 miles from lake Erie…. I am on the main floor once again in the living room and all of a sudden  KABOOM!!!!!  No flash of light in the house but definitely a huge clap of thunder AGAIN… I immediately look outside,  no rain, rumbles of thunder,  or distant lightning…. WHAT WAS THAT…oh definitely a very loud clap of thunder….none before….none after, a paranormal repeat or strange weather anomaly.     if you are wondering I am on my smartphone ….not the same layout apologies if not quite right…..got my Wi-Fi back apparently couldn’t post from smartphone….but I can from my kindle!!


Ever since we have bought our home I have been fine with the activity around us but my husband hasn’t. I have mentioned before I asked my husband if he could stay here….I told him if he was that uncomfortable I would sell and move, my first priority is to my husband however after finding 2 different homes and having offers accepted one after the other even with it being a cash purchase…both had “cloudy” titles meaning they couldn’t guarantee there were no liens. We waited about 4 months for H.U.D. to clear the title and we decided to go ahead and stay….at this point we are done with the rehab. and are financially committed to this home.
I don’t know why my husband seems to be a target…I have not had any negative experiences but my husband has. I do have a picture of one of the incidents he woke up with this series of scratches. It is such an unusual pattern I don’t see how it could have happened normally. Or even by one of our dogs. If anyone has seen anything like this or knows what this could be please let me know….the pattern is odd…he didn’t wake up it is not your typical 3 perfect scratches everyone seems to get….ANYONE IDEAS?Camera(1)


The second time I was on the couch my husband was in the kitchen…we have an open floor plan,  we were talking and I saw him open the cabinet under the sink bend over and throw something in the trash….as he was bent over he yelled out and stood back up straight and reached around to his back ….now I was looking at him at the time his back was to me and he said I just felt like I got hit with a whip!…..he came back into the livingroom and I looked under his shirt there was a vertical red mark about 6-8 inches long…I wanted to take a picture but he brushed it off…saying it’s just the house…

We have gotten to the point that if we here something fall usually sounds like a stack of boxes or something mostly upstairs we don’t even bother looking.  No pets can get upstairs and at the time we never went up there either…we don’t even bother to look,  once again we say. “Its just the house”  is it?