Paranormal doorway…..entrance from the otherside

k16096282For quite some time we have suspected we have a portal….I have pictures ….2 for those of you who follow my post….I always emphasize these pictures were taken a week apart on 2 different cameras. The first one is more pronounced , but the “portals” are captured in the same spot…in the pitch black with a flash… that is more pronounced on the second photo. I took it from outside the door so the room is lit the hall is dark, you can see these pictures on post …Portal confirmed.

I have done a lot of research about portals and open doorways to the other side….we did nothing to encourage this ……like oeiewwwwwq. Did not type this. Tryed to backspace and this is what happened, again….back to the post let’s see if I can type the word without interruptions, I was trying to type Ouija board…won’t have one in the house, basically we have never called out or tryed to summon negativity of any kind. Now to the point.

I understand from my research when a spirit crosses to our world through a portal…vortex or doorway there is usually a boom that sharkswewee….again did not typp that. Anyway a boom that shakes the house…well that hapenned tonight, and at least a handful of times in the past. HAS ANYONE OUT THERE HAD THIS HAPPEN!!!!!…. My husband and I were standing about a foot apart when it happened tonight. The scary part is I don’t know if something came in or something left……I guess we’ll know soon enough.

Spirit gaining power…object manipulation

I haven’t blogged for awhile simply because nothing  was going on.   Well yesterday I had a feeling our spirit friend was back .   Moose our spirit hunting dog started his tracking gaze…growling looking around the room following something with his eyes….and then his usual panic coming over to me and sitting basically on my shoulders on the cushion on the couch.

My husband was out grocery shopping….yeah I don’t do that…lol but I told him about it when he came back,  his response was like Oh great or something like that.  We continued with our usual Sunday stuff…and finally about 10:00 or so my husband went to bed.  As usual I stayed up ….and it must have been about 1a.m. I as usual was watching T.V…..boy I must sound like a slacker…when I caught something out of the corner of my eye,  looked and saw one our fireplace tools swinging back and forth front to back in about a six inch motion,  it wasn’t like when you bump something hanging…this tool is hung on the mantel and it swings and loses momentum slows down and stops.   The tool was swinging at the same speed and swing distance for at least 10 seconds then suddenly not gradually stopped,  and remained dead still as if someone grabbed it and stopped it,  there are other tools hanging none of them moved..the windows weren’t open… it was 36 degrees out I had a fire going but the tools are not near the fireplace opening and the fire was very low it needed more wood…we use the fireplace as our primary heat source.  My heart started pounding…this really spooked me I have never seen anything like it…no one human or dog was up and moving…the room was completely still.  I immediately said ” hey so your here”. And some other things I don’t recall.  I don’t think I have seen anything like this occur in our home….this was weirder than the flashlight conversation to me,  I think because this was so deliberate and unexplainable.  We hear things all the time….it may not sound like much but to see this tool swing forward and back so aggressively and dead stop when other tools are hanging on either side 3 inches apart dead was the most active visual experience I have had in this house.   My husband was all ready gone to work when I got up…so far the activity for the most part has not been negative as this also was not I have chalked it up to a “Hey how ya doing”. Kind of event.  But obviously this entity is becoming stronger if it is manipulating objects….I hope things remain friendly.


I took a picture this morning the tool I have been speaking about is the one hanging between the fireplace bellows and the 2 pokers to the right.

Swinging fireplace tool pick taken at my house

Swinging fireplace tool pick taken at my house

Swinging fireplace tool pick taken at my house

Swinging fireplace tool pick taken at my house

Tech …Savvy…. Entity expanding his skills

girl-talking-on-the-phone-clipart-man-answering-the-phone-clip-artI have been blogging about my husband and my phone’s and how I usually hear the background breathy …soft or loud interference and occasional word.

SaturdayI referenced us using our phones in the same room and my husbands phone was “jumped” and he heard the voice for the first time….well as usual I was hearing the let’s call it spirit interjections when my husband called leaving work.

Today he called to let me know he was on his way home….same phone stuff, I was saying something to my husband and I didn’t hear it he jumped in and said. ” I’m hearing him!”

I am having a hard time with this I understand entities use energy to interact but why just when my husband and I are talking… take on it the spirit found something he can do…. and enjoys it it can be disruptive but  at least not negative…… if he starts texting me…..whole different story ….lol.

Knock, Knock……who’s there

View from living room to back of the house

View from living room to back of the house

Before the phone post I promised a post on what happened after the fireplace incident so here it is short and spooky.

The day after the fireplace incident I had a doctors appointment,  whenever I have to be up to be some where I sleep on the couch ….for some reason in our new upstairs bedroom alarm or not I have a really hard time getting up…I don’t want to be a no show for something important ….so I sleep downstairs I think its the discomfort factor that gets me up…lol. anyway i had just layed down and turned off the T.V. I was still awake….about 5 minutes later I heard a loud concise knock…about 3 seconds went by and 3 more concise consecutive knocks …the sound sounded as if it was knocking on the wall from the kitchen….it had that drywall sound…it wasn’t like did I here something….it was loud and crisp identical knocks….I don’t scare easily but there was no denying this sound there is nothing in the house that could spontaneously make this noise.   Then I  thought though it didn’t sound like it but

what if some freak is outside the sliding door,  I slowly got up and looked around the corner……the motion light was off no one there but better safe than sorry.  I knew it wasn’t the front door the couch is like 3 feet away would have been pretty obvious.

Message received….layed back down nothing else happened didn’t sleep well …but made it to the appointment.

So far so good…..all is quiet

cagothic182.jpgAfter last night I did a lot of thinking….I am not going to be intimidated by an entity that had me worked up….I never was before and I won’t be again…. after going to bed about 6:00 a.m. I woke up and pondered for awhile and decided  I am not going to stop my research a.k.a. interests because of some negative energy call it an obsession or maybe an oppression but I am going to continue to live here with my husband and dogs…unless the situation calls me elsewhere,  so expect more stories…occurrences,  and negative energy situations….and may push for more .

Moose has a rough day….

KINDLE_CAMERA_1399295193000I have described out house before the living room is in the front open to the dining room open to the kitchen which leads to our sliding door…I keep it open during the day so the dogs can go in and out . Myself and all the dogs were sitting in the livingroom they sleep most of the time until one of them hears something outside and the herd runs full blast barking to the back yard.

Today moose was laying on his stomach on our Ottoman facing the kitchen he was just staring for quite awhile…I had just fed them the rest of the dogs were crashed….Moose still staring i thought he was listening to something outside.

Now when i feed the dogs i have to spread out the bowls there is constant food stealing between them…i put 2 bowl spaced out in the kitchen and another in the dining room jus before the thresh hold to the kitchen …the bowls are plastic the dining room bowl is on hardwood.  The reason i am telling you this is because is because of what happened next.

Moose is still staring at the kitchen when he started the barking stampede the 3 boys take of to what I thought was the backdoor…..before they got to the kitchen the dining room food bowl shot across the floor I saw it happen it was was with speed and purpose….then something happened that never happened before all 3 dogs stopped dead in their tracks completely silent and ran back to the living room . Moose layed dwn in the archway watching the dining room the other dogs went back to sleep.  After my husband got home he has to sit down to say hi while he is being covered in kisses i can’t get near him.  Even after the dogs settled down they could not go through the living room archway they would try but turn around and come back….I don’t know what that was about but our entities are getting a talking to tonight….. and it won’t be nice maybe they’ll turn their attention back on us and leave our babies alone.

Haunted house to scary movie

stock-footage--k-scary-house-d-animation-k-uhd-x-ultra-high-definitionOUR WEEKEND……I don’t know if this is of a paranormal nature however I’ll tell you anyway.  Saturday night my husband and I were relaxing after dinner….. I was dozing on the couch he was reading the paper…we are really not as boring as we sound..we were actually watching the sky…severe thunderstorm was rolling in which we both enjoy….about midway through the  suddenly there was an amazing crack of thunder… me still on the couch, my husband jumps up and yells,  it hit the house….a 4-5 flash of light appeared in our dining room and immediately dissipated… we frantically ran around the house me inside him outside.  Thank god nothing looked damaged….then I looked at  new desktop and the WiFi were fried.  Well nothing paranormal here just weather and a lot of expense.  Now let’s move on to Sunday… this time its lat like 3 in the morning late I am up husband long asleep I rarely go to sleep before 3 a.m. …there is something about night that is very relaxing to me.  For those of you who are thinking if you live in a haunted house why would you want to be up at night….well newsflash,  just as much activity happens during daylight hours but most people are working or busy and don’t    ” see ” it. Anyway….I am relaxing and watching a movie,  it isn’t raining …there is heavy storms but they are miles away at the southern end of the state …we are in Ohio a out  10 miles from lake Erie…. I am on the main floor once again in the living room and all of a sudden  KABOOM!!!!!  No flash of light in the house but definitely a huge clap of thunder AGAIN… I immediately look outside,  no rain, rumbles of thunder,  or distant lightning…. WHAT WAS THAT…oh definitely a very loud clap of thunder….none before….none after, a paranormal repeat or strange weather anomaly.     if you are wondering I am on my smartphone ….not the same layout apologies if not quite right… my Wi-Fi back apparently couldn’t post from smartphone….but I can from my kindle!!


Ever since we have bought our home I have been fine with the activity around us but my husband hasn’t. I have mentioned before I asked my husband if he could stay here….I told him if he was that uncomfortable I would sell and move, my first priority is to my husband however after finding 2 different homes and having offers accepted one after the other even with it being a cash purchase…both had “cloudy” titles meaning they couldn’t guarantee there were no liens. We waited about 4 months for H.U.D. to clear the title and we decided to go ahead and stay….at this point we are done with the rehab. and are financially committed to this home.
I don’t know why my husband seems to be a target…I have not had any negative experiences but my husband has. I do have a picture of one of the incidents he woke up with this series of scratches. It is such an unusual pattern I don’t see how it could have happened normally. Or even by one of our dogs. If anyone has seen anything like this or knows what this could be please let me know….the pattern is odd…he didn’t wake up it is not your typical 3 perfect scratches everyone seems to get….ANYONE IDEAS?Camera(1)


The second time I was on the couch my husband was in the kitchen…we have an open floor plan,  we were talking and I saw him open the cabinet under the sink bend over and throw something in the trash….as he was bent over he yelled out and stood back up straight and reached around to his back ….now I was looking at him at the time his back was to me and he said I just felt like I got hit with a whip!…..he came back into the livingroom and I looked under his shirt there was a vertical red mark about 6-8 inches long…I wanted to take a picture but he brushed it off…saying it’s just the house…

We have gotten to the point that if we here something fall usually sounds like a stack of boxes or something mostly upstairs we don’t even bother looking.  No pets can get upstairs and at the time we never went up there either…we don’t even bother to look,  once again we say. “Its just the house”  is it?


I have been down with the flu for the last week it didn’t kill me so this is not coming from beyond the grave.

I have not had any activity that I know of though I was sleeping about 18 hours a day so I wouldn’t have noticed.

But,  back to the blog….I am going to contact a local famous medium and finally find out what is going on at our home,  she is the creator behind the television series ” The Ghost Whisperer”   It literally is based on her life,  it is a long story how this got started and I wouldn’t try to tell it.  Her name is Mary Ann Winkowski and she happens to live in my county,  as a matter of fact I took a class of hers regarding energy and objects that may retain energy,  she usually has about a 3 month waiting list but I have had enough of the weirdness around here,  and after that last evp I need answers…

And!!!! I am getting a Kindle fire HD for Christmas it has audio, video, photos, apps,  internet you name it and I am hoping to get my audio’s on board.

Happy Holidays to all, living and spirit living! be back soon………………….


8 ballAfter my shocking night with the spirit,  (see, ” spirit altercation”) that morning my husband had an experience that he didn’t tell me about until today,  reason being I was quite upset and he did not want to pile anything else on my already stressed out brain.

My husband woke the morning after my occurrence and went to do some work in the basement,  we are finally getting a washer and dryer… no more going to mom’s  yeah!!! anyway, when we bought the house the basement was clean,  I mean bare nothing on the floor except concrete,  there was an opening to the area under the porch that was poorly repaired which my husband permanently repaired as we were having visitors,  the living kind as in racoons,  not fun.  Anyway they are long gone now and the basement has been reinforced,  we have a door to the outside with a small set of stairs that lead to ground level,  the door that was there when we bought the house there was a metal door that was poor fitting didn’t  lock and was being held closed by a stick….real safe,  so we replaced it.  We never got rid of the door it is leaning horizontally against the repaired “racoon entrance”  I know this is confusing however to get to the point my husband found the old door laying flat on the floor,  odd enough he then lifted it back into place against the wall and there was an old pool game 8 ball under it… what in the heck is that about,   we don’t and never have had a pool table or was there anything even close in the basement,  how did this happen,  where did the ball come from and what does this mean.  Why are there so many odd occurrences that don’t seem to point to anything,  is there some significance I am unaware of to an 8 ball,  other than the drug connotation which of course we are not involved in,  though the drug dealer that lived here I thought was gone,  is this a message from him?  does it tie in with my experience?  I know all of this sounds crazy but paranormal events do not occur like they do in the movies.  Also upstairs in the living room we have one of those “Eden pure” heaters it is a square wood box to enhance the heating capabilities in your home,  I have it next to a leather chair with a lamp on it, and several fragile items and of course a smudge stick,  this was turned completely perpendicular with the vent against the chair if it was bumped  completely sideways something definitely would have fallen off.  If anyone has any ideas to the significance of these things please let me know…cross your fingers its been 2 days without any anomalies.