I have been down with the flu for the last week it didn’t kill me so this is not coming from beyond the grave.

I have not had any activity that I know of though I was sleeping about 18 hours a day so I wouldn’t have noticed.

But,  back to the blog….I am going to contact a local famous medium and finally find out what is going on at our home,  she is the creator behind the television series ” The Ghost Whisperer”   It literally is based on her life,  it is a long story how this got started and I wouldn’t try to tell it.  Her name is Mary Ann Winkowski and she happens to live in my county,  as a matter of fact I took a class of hers regarding energy and objects that may retain energy,  she usually has about a 3 month waiting list but I have had enough of the weirdness around here,  and after that last evp I need answers…

And!!!! I am getting a Kindle fire HD for Christmas it has audio, video, photos, apps,  internet you name it and I am hoping to get my audio’s on board.

Happy Holidays to all, living and spirit living! be back soon………………….


8 ballAfter my shocking night with the spirit,  (see, ” spirit altercation”) that morning my husband had an experience that he didn’t tell me about until today,  reason being I was quite upset and he did not want to pile anything else on my already stressed out brain.

My husband woke the morning after my occurrence and went to do some work in the basement,  we are finally getting a washer and dryer… no more going to mom’s  yeah!!! anyway, when we bought the house the basement was clean,  I mean bare nothing on the floor except concrete,  there was an opening to the area under the porch that was poorly repaired which my husband permanently repaired as we were having visitors,  the living kind as in racoons,  not fun.  Anyway they are long gone now and the basement has been reinforced,  we have a door to the outside with a small set of stairs that lead to ground level,  the door that was there when we bought the house there was a metal door that was poor fitting didn’t  lock and was being held closed by a stick….real safe,  so we replaced it.  We never got rid of the door it is leaning horizontally against the repaired “racoon entrance”  I know this is confusing however to get to the point my husband found the old door laying flat on the floor,  odd enough he then lifted it back into place against the wall and there was an old pool game 8 ball under it… what in the heck is that about,   we don’t and never have had a pool table or was there anything even close in the basement,  how did this happen,  where did the ball come from and what does this mean.  Why are there so many odd occurrences that don’t seem to point to anything,  is there some significance I am unaware of to an 8 ball,  other than the drug connotation which of course we are not involved in,  though the drug dealer that lived here I thought was gone,  is this a message from him?  does it tie in with my experience?  I know all of this sounds crazy but paranormal events do not occur like they do in the movies.  Also upstairs in the living room we have one of those “Eden pure” heaters it is a square wood box to enhance the heating capabilities in your home,  I have it next to a leather chair with a lamp on it, and several fragile items and of course a smudge stick,  this was turned completely perpendicular with the vent against the chair if it was bumped  completely sideways something definitely would have fallen off.  If anyone has any ideas to the significance of these things please let me know…cross your fingers its been 2 days without any anomalies. 


sleeping womanI’m back!  this is the first post that really has me shaken.  We have had many anomalies,  evp’s,  pictures,  personal experiences such as noises,  voices etc…………but this one was personal.

I went to bed last night with my husband and our dogs in the bedroom at about 11pm,  2hours later I woke up it was really hot in the room and I was wide awake,  a little irritated that I woke up but after a few minutes I decided to go out to the living room for awhile,  I grabbed a diet coke,  rebuilt a small fire,  (as I said we are fireplace heating) and hung out for awhile,  I know myself and when I get like this I have to lay down close my eyes and just rest without the intention of sleep and hope for the best,  so I layed down on the couch and once again I thought,  hey let’s turn on the digital recorder and hope I fall asleep.  Well it worked the next thing I remember is my husband was on the couch turned on the T.V. and had on the news it was about 7am,  told you he’s an early bird,  so I gradually woke up,  I told him I had turned on the recorder and he said he saw the red light and turned it off when he sat down.  I like to know what could be “misconstrued”  on play back.

We sat around for awhile,  had some coffee,  watched the news and about 9am my husband decided he was going to cut up more wood for the fireplace.  I took this as an opportunity to listen to my digital recorder,  as I always like to be alone when I do so I have no distractions,  the dogs were up but I had already fed them and they were back asleep laying under the throw with me.

I hit play and started to listen,  honestly not expecting much.  I heard the usual noises the fire popping,  my breathing as I slept,  and then I heard it…the fire was out by this time and I heard basically just my breathing and then it was there,  I heard the same voice as last week say  ” I’m sharing”  I thought this was odd it was crystal clear in the same half whisper as the last time,  I was excited that there was something there but it was what I heard after is what has me so unhinged.  It was about 5 to 10 seconds later I hear my own voice,  that half asleep voice say “Who are you!” this was not in the form of a question it was more of a slightly scared but firm statement,  the fact that I said Who are you as opposed to something like who’s there,  tells me that I was looking at someone in my half asleep stage.

This was not the end of it I could hear my muffled voice mixed with his,  I was moving on the couch I could hear that,  and then I said “I’m sleeping”  and that was the end of it.  My heart starting racing,  I was trying to dissect what I just heard,  and digest that I may have had some kind of physical encounter with a spirit.  As I have said I have an anxiety disorder and I worked myself into a panic attack,  tried to calm down and brought the recorder to my husband,  I set it up at the time it happened which I will never forget it was 4:13 am and he listened and verified what I heard.  I feel somewhat violated,  I feel this is a normal reaction,  was I being touched?  As every wife knows there is always a time with your husband when he’s awake and your not and of course they give it a shot and the usual response,  at least from me is “I”m sleeping”,  and I may not remember it the next day but I usually hear about it.

The major difference here is I was sleeping alone on the couch!!,  Was this a natural reaction to being touched while sleeping,  I can’t deny the voice or my own response but what was the voice and movement interaction after?  I don’t know how to feel.  I think the major factor in this event is I responded,  it was definitely MY voice responding so I can’t deny something was going on.  However I am still shaken,  I am in the living room now it is 2am but as long as I am awake…….bring it on!

I have one man in my life,  my husband… I will never sleep without him by my side again.

Lesson learned…………


lightning picThe reason I have not blogged for a few days is that I have been sorting things out,  since the move other things have taken precedence,  If you follow my blog there have been some events…paranormal?  who knows,  as I have said it is different when you live in a house there are many more things going on,  more people,  pets, etc.   So paranormal activity is harder to detect as opposed to an empty house under renovation.

Again I am just returning to a sense of normalcy,  adjusting to living in a new home,  the incident with my stepson and his departure,  basically setting up housekeeping and calling it home amidst the family drama.  However with that settled down and meeting a man,  actually a toy dealer we met with to sell some old toys we found in  one of the many “spaces” in our home,  we got to talking,   his store is less than a mile from our house and he was very friendly and I did not bring up the subject however we both had bought and renovated foreclosed homes,  and he blurted out his house is haunted, and explained some of the event’s  he is experiencing which of course led to our story.

My interest renewed I wasn’t sure what I was going to do however my only option right now is to focus on late night activity when my husband,  an early bird and the dogs,  who sleep in our bed are asleep.  One night I could not fall asleep,  it was already 3am and I wasn’t even tired so I decided to lay on the couch watch T.V. and wait until I got tired turn off the T.V. and sleep on the couch as to not disturb my husband and rile up the dogs.

Then I thought why don’t I set my digital recorder on the coffee table,  which is about 2 feet from my head and see if I get anything.  Well I got up the next day tired and anxious,  sometimes I wait to listen to to the recording until I feel alert and ready for anything of interest,  so a short time later I listened to the recording,  there was the usual noises I had the fireplace going when I fell asleep so I would hear wood popping,  we don’t have a furnace we are trying to save money in our all electric community so we have a wood burner with a blower and several baseboard heaters,  other than that the house is very quiet….back to the tape I could hear myself breathing,  moving around on occasion however I did get an evp,  not much as I am so used to activity here but this is how it played out.  “___ ___ ___ right?  the first few words were inaudible but the last word was clearly “right?”,  my husband listened to it and came to the same conclusion,  he has come around alot with this paranormal stuff,  I think he has accepted it and is o.k. now.

The evp I caught was definitely a mans voice somewhere between a whisper and regular speech,  I was surprised I got something but did not “freak out”  as we have had so much varied activity in the last year or so,  but I was still intrigued.  This was last week,  it peaked my interest,  but I also have some other things going on so it kind of hit the “back burner” so to speak for a few days…..

I am going to stop here and immediately write another post,  as the next incident is the first that really has me shaken… it happened last night and it has taken me over 12 hours to calm down and process this event so please read my next post…….see you in a couple minutes,  again I need to collect my thoughts.


doorbellNow that you have the general feel of our first month I am going to be a little more specific during “hell” month.  Even with the strange behavioral goings on there were some unusual things that had happened,  again with family life ongoing it has a different vibe than when entering a home under construction and dead quiet,  there is always some type of noises in any household,  however some sounds are specific,  such as the event that happened to me on a pretty fall morning.

I don’t wake up well,   I have as I have said in the past several health problems and it takes me quite a while to get going.  I had finally made out to the couch the dogs in tow,  I lay down for awhile with my ever present diet coke… elixir of the gods,  the sun was out it was probably about 11am the dogs pile under the blanket with me,  (if you don’t move either do they) no T.V. no music.  I need quiet at least for a couple of hours,  I enjoy this time I have muscular problems and pain issues and I need quiet and time awake to start my day,  My husband and stepson were at work,  I had the house to myself… weekdays are great!  Anyway I like to think,  plan,  what I am going to do or not do that day.  Daydream whatever .  Our neighborhood is freakishly quiet…we have nick named our street “Agoraphobic alley”  you may see 3 cars and basically no one outside even in the summer…weird.  When we first bought the house I knocked on a couple of doors just to introduce myself and let them know yes we are going to live here,  and yes in a year or so it will look much less like a scary eyesore,  you would of thought I was some “street corner preacher”  Everyone was nice but cautious,  I guess you have to be today…I’m rambling again I think you get the picture.

We have had exactly 3 people come to the door in the past year,

1) a neighbor , nice guy,  I think he just wanted to see the inside of the gutted monstrosity.

2) the mailman “Bob” who like some other people think it’s o.k. to just walk in when a house is being worked on,  he always seemed to be delivering the mail when I was outside,  funny though after a talk with my husband I haven’t seen him since.

And 3)  a man looking for the previous owner to “drop of a bowling award”  yeah right,  did I mention the previous owner  was a convicted sex offender.   Yeah we had the big red balloon on the county map with our address and warning that a sex offender lived there.  That makes for  great dinner conversation.

Now that you have the mental picture of most of my exciting life,  oh and by the way I also have an anxiety disorder so unannounced visitors don’t make my day,  at least the live ones.  So once again I am doing my thing,  “not the thing your thinking of” and the doorbell rang,  a little startled,   hence the anxiety,  and then rang again.  I look out the window I am sitting next to don’t see anyone on the porch,  now I am also in sweats and a T shirt.  I don’t go anywhere without make-up and at least jeans or something cute,  so at this point I’m at a standstill,  do I go to the door like this yeah I’m a little bit of a diva,  or act like I’m not home.  Well all anyone would have to do is walk 2 or 3 feet and if they could see through the 5 barking dogs they would see me on the couch plain as day,  the dogs allready blew my cover  “my husband and I joke that we are in the witness protection program”  due to the odd quiet on our street.  So I get up and go to the window on the other side of the door and don’t see anyone either.  So after great relief I figure it was a salesperson…. or Bob the stalker and they just left.  I sat back down the dogs calmed down and started to think,  wait a minute,  I painted that door and I don’t recall seeing a doorbell,  o.k. so I sit for another minute or 2 and my curiosity got the best of me and I cracked the door and checked.  Just like I thought there was no doorbell that I could see,  it was one of those old loud bells and it sounded like it was probably mounted near the kitchen.  Well I also painted just about every room in the house and don’t recall seeing the box…which I usually disconnect because they drive my dogs nuts.  So  me being me I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for this hidden doorbell,  finally called my husband and asked him,  he confirmed he never saw one,  and even if there was there was no button on the outside of the door.  The only other enterable door is a slider in the back obviously not there and would be pretty stupid if it was.  This freaked me out pretty good but ended up thinking why ring the bell our spirits are allready inside,  maybe I should just give them a key…..

See you tomorrow!!!


blue guyAfter the move but before the departure of my stepson,  nothing was as I pictured,  I had been waiting a year for this time and everything went wrong.  Starting with my fall during the move,  I spent the next morning at an Urgent Care Clinic.   I was given pain meds,  my shoulder was not broken but I was referred to an Orthopedist however without insurance I declined.  My husband and I barely spoke the first few days after the disastrous evening of the move.  We soon found out the upstairs were my stepson was living with the hardwood floors echoed all over the house and we could here every phone conversation he had and when he came down the steps it sounded like an avalanche.  However we pressed on,   there was no sign of paranormal activity however with 2 T.V.s,  3 people and 5 dogs who would know.

Although things became better,  great as a matter of fact,  My husband was settling in,  Since he and my stepson worked together they came home with all kinds of stories.  We were finally eating dinner together as a family,  my stepson seemed happy,  which he rarely was before.

Slowly however there was a change,  my stepson was once again sullen,  making demands about household life to the extent of he should be able to have his friends over several nights a week,  and we should retire to our bedroom,  and his cat should have the run of the house as well at times and we lock up the dogs.  His reasoning was he did not ask to live with 5 dogs and it’s only fair that he have equal rights in this house as he considered all this a compromise………If I spoke this way to my parents  I would not be here today writing this blog I’d probably be living under a bridge somewhere.

As I stared as he went on and on, I finally stopped him,  and firmly told him at the age of 23 he should feel fortunate to remain welcome to stay free of room and board,  Wi Fi,  cable and a paid cell phone….not my idea.  And promptly told him that I have no reason to compromise,  and why simply because I don’t have to.  With the move he was told there would be changes,  he cleans up his act and fly’s  right period.

This whole episode though I have heard worse from him,  really floored me,  where did this demanding,  bold,  straight forward person come from.  In the past he pretty much hid from any conversation with us as to not have to relay information on where he was and what he was doing,  he had a basement room that led to the side door at our old house so he would come and go,  have friends come and go and we would never see them,  sometimes even though we knew he was home we may not see him for days at a time.  I frequently sent my husband downstairs to make sure he was alive….yeah it was that bad.

After I set him straight,  he retreated upstairs and never brought it up again.  This was a stiff,  demanding,  pacing person that I have never encountered before,  this was the  beginning of the end of his time in our home.

As I think back…was this my stepson I was speaking too? or was it something else speaking for him,  the frequencies of “AGAIN”  this type of anomaly I will never know,  was that my son speaking I will never know that either.  I have always been there for him right or wrong,  I believe there is some good in everyone you just have to discover it for yourself and often spoke of this with him. However he also knows I am not the type you can command at will and receive.  Parents are always the Parents,  respect is still the rule.

I still don’t know what that performance was or even who it was.  It was almost like watching a play……  but “who” was the director.